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January 12 2011
No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
19/5/2011MindscapeKonamiGrasshopper Manufacture (original)
feelplus (PS3 Port)
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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No More Heroes has HD visuals on PS3.
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Playstation Move support in PS3 the game.

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In-game the visuals are fairly basic.
Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture No More Heroes was released on the Nintendo Wii way back in December 2007, with America, Europe and Australia seeing the game hit shelves in early 2008. It seems somewhat odd then that it would have taken 3 years for the game to be ported to the PlayStation 3 but we won't complain as the game was highly praised by critics has sold just under 500,000 units to date, and is set for considerable upgrades for Sony's version.

In the game you play as Travis Touchdown as you fight to become the world's #1 Assassin! Use Travis's lethal beam katana to eliminate the top 10 ranked skillful killers of the United Assassins Association. After defeating his original boss, Helter Skelter, Travis takes the position of the 11th ranked hitman and begins his meteoric rise to the top!

So No More Heroes is an open world game where you're hunting down the Top 10 assassin's. It's not just about that though as you can also take on some part time jobs along the way. The Playstation Move will be an integral part of the gameplay as you will use it to attack your enemies using the controllers accurate mapping and tracking.

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Travis Touchdown has one big weapon!
There are several new game modes including "Rebout Mode" to challenge your former foes and compare your scores with players around the world, or enjoy "Viewer Mode" where you can watch infamous cut-scenes. Finally the game includes some all-new Boss Challenges allowing you to take on the original 10 bosses from the game. Downloadable content is also promised and will include customisations and upgrades to the game.

Unlike the Japanese version of this game released in April last year the American and European game will included a couple of bonuses. First of all the game will be fully uncensored unlike the Japanese PS3 release which was censored over the Nintendo Wii and XBox 360 versions. Also, and as previously mentioned, the Playstation 3 version will make use of the PlayStation Move controller for Travis powering up the katana or using it to execute the attacks.

Also new from the Nintendo Wii version of the game is the ability to stack up three Dark Side modes during a ranking battle, rather then having them activate immediately while unused ones can be traded in for cash. It is also possible for gamers to revisit Ranking Battles and cinematics while a "Very Sweet" mode gives the female characters more revealing attire.

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Another screen from No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise on PS3.
Of course the shift to PS3 has allowed the development team at feelplus (who are handling the PS3 port) to boost the game to HD visuals. As you can see from the surrounding screenshots, even with this upgrade, this isn't likely to push the PS3 to its limits so we can only hope for a very smooth frame rate and responsive title.

While it was originally announced in Famitsu that the game would be ported from the Nintendo Wii to both the PS3 and XBox 360 it has now been confirmed that No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise will indeed be a PS3 exclusive in both Europe and North America. That's a pretty big bonus for Sony as the game, with PlayStation Move support, could be a pretty big positive for the console - although, admittedly, we still aren't sure if the PlayStation Move support will amount to much. Konami have just announced a Q'2 2011 release date so keep your eyes open.