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June 7 2007
Need for Speed ProStreet - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
2/11/2007Electronic ArtsElectronic ArtsBlack Box
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Trackside detail is very impressive.
Electronic Arts' Need for Speed franchise is a massive seller for the company, and a series with millions of fans the world over. But this game is different. Gone are the cops, and gone are the massive nighttime races - this game is all about being the ultimate street racer with the most powerful cars. EA have been keen to stress that this game isn't about neon lights as made (more) popular in The Fast and the Furious movie - no, this is very much more real-world based. While we've really only seen the announcement trailer, and have a handful of details, what we do know is impressive so read on...

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Near the start line for the race.
Electronic Arts still haven't confirmed actual locations as yet but it is believed that races will take place in a variety of track across America, Asia and Europe. Racing meets will include several events including Drag races, Drift, Grip, Circuit and Speed Challenge. The key to the game is that, as in real life, your cars will have to be heavily customised to participate in each of the different races. There is no point in a drag racing car entering a drift race - it just won't perform as required. To do this Electronic Arts are using an Autosculpt technology which allows full modification of your car. While this technology was used in NFS: Carbon, it has been greatly expanded for this game with each part now having an effect on the overall performance.

Something which does remain unknown is the inclusion, or exclusion, of multi-player in the game, and in particular online gameplay. We're pretty sure it will appear but until we actually get an official word from Electronic Arts - and especially Electronic Arts Australia given they're tendency to drop online modes here - we write anything in concrete yet.

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Older cars will make an appearance.
The developers at EA Black Box are promising something special graphically in this title - and if they deliver the goods then this will certainly be one of the best looking games on PS3. One aspect of the game which the developers are keen to emphasise is the damage and battle scars which will appear on the car. As you can see in the surrounding screenshots the damage certainly looks impressive. Indeed each car is made up of approximately 21,000 polygons!

Need for Speed ProStreet includes beautiful in-game flag girls, played by popular celebrities from the Asia Pacific region. The only two girls to be featured in the game this year, Krystal Forscutt, a reality TV star (read: Big Brother) and glamour girl from Australia, and Sayoko Ohashi, an up-and-coming personality from Japan, make their appearances throughout the game to add colour to the authentic world of street racing.

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Check out the impressive car damage!
If you're a regular reader of then you will know that we're not the biggest fans of Need for Speed. Despite millions of sales the sluggish frame rate - and the fact in recent years that all the races took place at night really got to us. But you know what - this latest version is shaping up pretty nicely. The teaser trailer - despite not showing 'in-game' footage sets a tone that previous games failed to match. Daytime racing, massive collisions and cars flipping over and some stunning visuals. EA's Need for Speed: ProStreet is currently targeted for release in November 2007.