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August 13 2013
Madden NFL 25 - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
30/8/2013EA GamesEA SportsEA Tiburon
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Even the current-gen version looks great.
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Madden 25 celebrates the games 25th year.

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Madden 25's menu (albeit shown on XBox).
Wait a second, didn't we already preview Madden NFL 25 you ask? Well yes we did, but that preview was for the PS4 iteration (previewed here) but for most people, that game won't be on their shopping lists this year, with the PS3 version meaning you not only don't have to buy a new console, but will play the game a few months before the next-gen version.

The drawback, naturally, is a game that lacks some of the visual fidelity and extra bells and whistles of the PS4 version. But don't make the mistake that this is a bad game - far from it. In fact, this looks like being the best PS3 iteration of the game yet. So let's see what's on offer (and yes, we've recycled some parts of the PS4 preview, but altered where necessary to suit this version).

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Madden NFL 25 is due out in August.
As you would expect Madden NFL 25 doesn’t feature a "story" of sorts, but certainly contains all the game modes which one would expect from a sports game. It's not confirmed as yet but we would expect a Quick Match, Online Matches and a, now confirmed, Franchise mode in the game which allows to to deal with the entire aspect of operating an NFL team from playing the games, to setting ticket prices, food prices, and dealing with the media among other things. Perhaps most importantly Electronic Arts have confirmed that the next-generation version will include all the game modes from the current-gen release - so no half-baked release like FIFA on the Wii U.

While much of the focus is on the next-generation version of the game, the good news for PS3 owners is that many of the improvements will trickle down to the current-generation, albeit with less fidelity then the PS4 title.

EA Tiburon have included an all-new True Step which allows players to foot-plant, cut, and shift momentum in an authentic way, unlocking the agility and explosiveness of the NFL athlete. The developers have also worked hard to improve the offensive and defensive play. Linemen are more than just physical, they are intelligent and the 300 new blocking interactions create the most realistic running lanes for the ball carrier and passing pockets for the Quarterback.

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Madden is one of EA's premium sports franchises.
Development of Madden NFL 25 has also focused on the offensive linemen who will now dynamically move according to threats and angles of opponents. Authentic double teams, blitz pick-ups, and line shifts showcase line units working together as one, highlighting the most physical and intense battles in the NFL. An all new Player Sense sees the players scanning the entire field to anticipate situations before they arise, and act accordingly with their own instincts which will see them jumping over opponents or sliding past teammates.

We haven't heard about this as yet, but as expect that, just as has been the case for the last several years, the game will include online gameplay to compete against your friends.

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Another current-gen Madden 25 screen.
Madden NFL 25 is a jaw-dropping title on next-gen systems, but those sticking with the PS3 (or XBox 360) aren't likely to be disappointed. While the PS4 version of the game uses EA's all-new "Ignite" engine the PS3 version uses "Infinity Engine 2" which is pretty much going to max out the system. Naturally all the players’ likenesses, stadiums and smaller details are taken straight from the NFL, and it looks being the best game in the franchise on the system.

No matter which version of Madden NFL 25 you choose fans of the franchise are likely to be well served with the same game modes in current and next-gen versions, with the main differences being the graphics and physics calculations. This PS3 version looks great and is due out in late August.