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March 29 2008
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
4/6/2008ActivisionLucasArtsTraveller's Tales
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It's Indiana Jones in Lego form...
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One of the most iconic movie scenes ever.

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Classic movie moments will be recreated.
When you talk about movie franchises some names stand out from others. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Godfather. Of course another is Indiana Jones which stars Harrison Ford as the world’s most famous adventurer and archaeologist. Following the success of Lego Star Wars it was only matter of time before other franchises would be reconstructed using the famous building blocks. Lego Batman is due later this year, but before that we're going to spend our time playing Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, and we expect this game to be a blast.

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Use the whip to traverse large gaps.
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures takes moments, characters and situations from the first three movies to form the basis of this game. Unfortunately it appears that the game won't include any sections based on the new movie, although I wouldn't rule out one or two surprises. In terms of a central hub for the game (much like the Cantina Bar for Star Wars) this game will use Indiana's work - Barnett College. Naturally the game will also be littered with hidden treasures and secrets to discover, and we expect there to be plenty of unlockable characters as well. The fantastic sense of humour "Ahhh, Venice" will also be carried over into the games. The scene where Indiana Jones steals the Idol is in the game. Rather then a bag of sand through Indy pulls out all manner of unlikely objects before replacing the Idol with some Lego blocks - as you can expect, and as per the movie, the result isn't quite right.

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Just wait until you see this game in action!
As one would expect Indiana Jones is the main character with Pistol and Whip in hand traversing 18 levels in total - each of the first three movies is split into six levels. The athleticism of Indiana Jones will translate well into the game as he can run, climb, swing on vines, swim and shimmy along ledges. The whip will be the main device Indy uses throughout the levels. Not only can you attack enemies, but also break open crates, use it to swing across large gaps, grab and pull enemies or even disarm them. Should the whip not suit your style you can always turn to your trusty fists for some hand-to-hand combat. Vehicles have always played a large part in the movies, be it for transport, or battling enemies while on them, and the developers have been keen to include this in the game as well.

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Watch out for the crocodile!
So what other tidbits do we have? Well the Freeplay mode will allow you to select from approximately 60 playable characters including Sallah, Marion Ravenwood, Satipo and Short Round - at this stage we're not so sure if you'll be able to mix and match parts similar to that in Lego Star Wars, but we can't see why not. In terms of multi-player Lego Indiana Jones will allow 2-players to play on a single console however, and somewhat disappointingly, there will be no online gameplay for this game. Considering there was 2-player online co-op in Lego Star Wars this is quite disappointing. One change which has been made to the game compared to the is that all references to Nazi's have been removed.

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Indy's turn to take on the croc!
One big difference between this title and the Lego Star Wars titles is the graphical detail. While the previous title was predominantly based on rather sterile space ships and desolate planets, Lego Indiana Jones mainly takes place in jungles and ancient ruins on Earth which has given the developers a little more flexibility to push the graphical prowess of the game. Indeed Lego Indiana Jones uses the same engine as the previous Lego titles, but has undergone improvements in many areas to allow improved animation and graphical fidelity. Audio should include all those familiar John Williams' themes and yet again speech will be limited to grunts and groans - don't worry it worked superbly in the Star Wars games and we expect no less here.

With a release set for June 2008 - a couple of weeks after the fourth movie hits - we're pretty excited to our hands on Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. It looks great, it should play every bit as well as Lego Star Wars, and will recreate all our favourite moments from the movies. Stay tuned for a full review closer to release...