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July 5, 2009
Katamari Forever - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
28/9/2009AtariNamco BandaiNamco Bandai
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Katamari Forever (PS3) looks superb.
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The Prince collects some flowers.

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Katamari Forever heads under water.
Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari are two of the most impressive, original and entertaining games on the previous generation. The premise is quite simple, roll a sticky ball around a variety of levels collecting bigger and bigger items until the required size is reached. It's so simple, and yet so addictive. When we heard a PS3 version was being developed we were overjoyed, and Katamari Forever is the resulting game.

So what is the story then? The King of All Cosmos has bumped his head and lost all his memory. The Prince and his cousins created RoboKing to replace the King, but it went out of control and destroyed all the stars in the Cosmos. To clean up the mess made by RoboKing and bring back the King’s memory, the Prince and his Cousins must roll their Katamaris and bring color back to the world. So get ready to roll that Katamari once more!

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Don't worry we'll have English text!
Katamari Forever will contain 30 levels in total, some of which are brand new, and some of which have been ported from previous games in the series. Levels are littered with unique objects from the smallest items in your house, to entire buildings and chunks of land. It's all here... The game includes 50 playable cousins which can be equipped with a variety of accessories although it remains to be seen if they are purely cosmetic, or alter their abilities within the game world. We do know that there will be one new gameplay mechanic where the Katamari will suck in nearby objects instead of needing to physically touch them.

So what else can we look forward to? Well something which will be used in this game is the tilt sensing functionality of the SixAxis and Dual Shock 3 controllers with one new move called the Prince Hop being activated by the tilt sensing abilities. The game will include an online ranking system, and photos can be taken in the game and save to the PS3 Hard Drive. Unfortunately there is no mention of uploading pictures to an online server. Sadly it has been confirmed the game will not include any online gameplay modes, although there will be offline multi-player of some kind included.

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Just rolling on past Australia!
Visually Katamari Forever looks delightful. Running at 1080p, and we hope at 60fps, the graphics have a different visual style. Indeed the bold colours and lines have more then a passing resemblance to Capcom's gorgeous Okami, as well as so many other cel-shaded games - and if we get a solid frame rate then this should be a visual tour de force on the system. If you don't like the visual style then don't freak out either as there are plenty of visual filters which can be turned on or off changing the look of the game. The Wood style uses warm sepia tones to give stages a wooden feel while Comic creates thick black outlines on every object, filled in with deep, rich colours.

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Rolling the Katamari through a desert!
Those that loved the unique music from the original games will be pleased to hear that many of those tracks will return in remixed form. We can only hope the brilliant originals also make a return.

It must be said that we simply can't wait for this game. Needless to say the original titles were among our favourites on PS2, and we even managed to import the original from America to run it on our PAL PS2 (no, we don't have a mod-chip before you ask). Look for Katamari Forever to hit store shelves in late 2009.

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Bright, colourful Katamari Forever on PS3.
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Starting out at only 5cm.