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April 18 2008
Iron Man - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
1/5/2008SegaSegaSecret Level
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Iron Man looks pretty spectacular.
As a movie, Iron Man looks very impressive with a great sense of humour, and some great action sequences. We certainly can't wait to get to the cinemas to check it out as it certainly could become the next big Marvel franchise on the silver screen. Not only that but one of our favourite actors - Robert Downey Jr - plays the lead role. As expected there's a game tie-in and this time Sega are on publishing duties, with development being handled by Secret Level who have a pretty solid track record.

Iron Man is the story of Tony Stark, a billionaire industrialist and inventor who had it all. But during a routine weapons test in the Middle East, Stark was captured and forced to construct the ultimate weapon. Instead of following his captors’ demands, Tony built his own devastating weapon – a powerful suit of armour that provided the key to his heroic escape. From this point forward, Tony Stark became more than a man. He became Iron Man.

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Taking to the skies should be fun.
Iron Man is a third person action title which not only takes inspiration and story elements from the movie, but also takes other scenarios covered in the numerous Marvel comic books. In the game, as in the comic books and movie, Iron Man can run around and attack enemies on the ground, hover in the air, or fly at the speed of sound, and Secret Level have included all of these in the game with smooth transitions between each. Using the advanced technology in Iron Man's suits of armor, gamers can take advantage of the wide array of high-impact weapons to strategically annihilate any enemy force standing in their way.

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Nice explosion ahead.
Before entering each of the levels players can customise their armor suit as they encounter progressively more vicious enemies, and fight in epic battles that could challenge even the toughest Super Heroes. As yet we're not sure how currency comes into play in the game however, as you can see from the bottom screenshot, there seems to be a funding amount available to Tony Stark (currently at $438 million). Our guess is that you will be able to 'buy' upgrades - but time will tell.

Requiring energy, the suits will drain if you use the afterburners for too long. They do replenish after a period of time, and they also self-repair after sustaining damage. Another of the potentially brilliant aspects of this title is using the D-Pad to prioritise where your energy is used including weapons, melee, thrusters or life support. This should certainly add a little more depth to the game.

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Selecting your Iron Man Suit!
We do have a bit of a question about the visuals in this title, the screenshots Sega have provided are (as you can see) a little on the plain side, however we have seen some more detail in backgrounds and characters. On a very positive note though Iron Man will feature the voice talents of Robert Downey Jr., Terence Howard and Shaun Toub. All three actors will reprise their onscreen roles of Tony Stark (Downey), Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Howard), and Yinsen (Toub).

There isn't long to go until release and while we haven't seen anywhere near as much as the title as we'd like (which is the case with almost every movie based tie-in) we are hopeful that such an action packed movie will lend itself well to a solid action game. Secret Level released the very polished Unreal Tournament on the Dreamcast in 2001 however their output, while still good, since then hasn't lived up to the quality of that title. Still, early impressions are posisitve. Expect a release in early May.