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May 8 2006
Interstellar Marines - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
2007TBATBAZero Point Software1-4$TBA

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The spaceport looks impressive.
Now this is a rather exciting prospect for next generation consoles. Previously known as Project IM, developers Zero Point Software (who were founded in 2004 in Denmark) have finally unveiled the name of their first game Interstellar Marines.

At the dawn of the 22nd century, manís lust for resources has taken him beyond Earth and into space. This new frontier has brought new challenges and opportunities, dangers and rewards, and out there, in the dark, awaits the ultimate discovery: another sentient species. Interstellar Marines puts the player in the role of an Interstellar Marine soldier and lets him experience the thrill of a tour of duty in outer space where his decisions can affect the future of mankind.

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Gameplay also looks pretty sharp.
So Interstellar Marines is essentially a First Person Shooter set in outer space in a colony that is being overrun by aliens. Sounds like pretty standard stuff to us, and perhaps it is. Still Zero Point Software are promising that this game will feature custom game modes such as arcade, RPG and tactical elements. They are also promising 'randomized and non-linear gameplay' which should add some longevity to the title.

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Why release this blurry image?
Environments will be fully interactive. This isn't something we've been able to see in action as yet as the trailer released doesn't actually show much action at all.

Multi-player will also be catered for in the game. With a squad of four the game allows up to for people to participate. We're not sure yet if that means split-screen or, as we suspect - and hope, online but it should add plenty of fun to the title.

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Is that... ED-209 from Robocop?
In terms of graphics Zero Point Software have confirmed they are using Unreal Engine 3 to power the game which, at the very least should allow for some great effects and a solid frame rate. At this stage Interstellar Marines still looks a bit clinical in it's graphics. Everything is looks clean and unused which, while it may be the case in space ships and the like, doesn't give the game much atmosphere. Still given that the game isn't due out for probably another year or more, and that the development team is still rather small there is certainly time to add more detail.

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More running around outside.
Interstellar Marines, which is apparently the first in a trilogy of games planned, is a solid looking next- generation product that is sure to generate plenty of interest in the lead up to its 2007 release. We will have to wait and see if it really turns out as expected - there's always a question with a new developer - however new developers also have a tendency to take risks and try new things which often pay off in the end. Here's hoping Zero Point Software can deliver the goods.