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May 6 2008
The Incredible Hulk - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
12/6/2008SegaSegaEdge of Reality
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation

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Better watch out for that laser!.
Released to cinemas in 2003 Ang Lee's version of The Hulk was one which divided opinion. Personally I loved the comic-book stylings used throughout the movie, and the acting was impressive, but I very much disliked the look of the Hulk. He was simply too cartoony in an otherwise realistic movie. Five years on an Universal are finishing off a new movie with a new director which should reboot the series. Louis Leterrier (The Transporter, Danny the Dog) is that director and Edward Norton has replaced Eric Bana as Dr Bruce Baxter.

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Hulk Vs Abomination.
Developed by Edge of Reality in America The Incredible Hulk is a third person action game which will take events from the upcoming movie, as well as new sequences from classic Marvel Comics created specifically for the game. Of course boss battles will be a major part of the game and in that respect game will feature foes such as Bi-Beast and the Abomination among others.

As one would expect one of the key selling points of this game is the destructible environments. Players can demolish anything in their path and also use it as a weapon pieces of a crumbling building, a passing car, a street lamp. Damage is persistent, and gamers can use it to gain access to previously unreachable areas. It will also be possible to build Hulk's rage in order to learn more powerful moves.

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The in-game cinematics look impressive.
Another aspect of the game which we haven't heard a peep about is in regards to any form of multi-player split screen or online gameplay. We can see a big opportunity in this game to have some fantastic one-on-one battles in the city streets. This, if it is actually included, will obviously be announced closer to release of the game. Likewise we haven't heard anything about any downloadable content, or if there will even be a demo of the title as yet - although we suspect there will be a demo close to release in June.

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Streets are filled with destructible objects.
Graphically The Incredible Hulk is shaping up quite nicely indeed. The game world looks to be pretty massive and, as you can see in the screenshot to the left here, there should be plenty of vehicles and objects littered around the level to destroy. The Hulk himself looks wonderfully modeled and if the game can have the same great gameplay as the previous Hulk titles then we expect that any graphical deficiencies will be made up with the open world and destruction.

We have pretty high hopes for the upcoming movie and we are hopeful that this game from Sega will also provide plenty of entertainment. As yet a lot of The Incredible Hulk remains under wraps until much closer to the movies release - no doubt at the request of Universal. As soon as we get more details we'll update the preview.