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September 17 2010
Heavy Rain Move Edition - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
22/9/2010 (patch)
8/10/2010 (retail)
SonySonyQuantic Dream
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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The new Heavy Rain Move Edition controls.
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Visually Heavy Rain is stunning.

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Push forward with the control to pick up an item from the table.
Wait a second... Hasn't Futuregamez already previewed, and reviewed this game in the past? Well yes we have, and as a general rule we don't re-preview games that get re-released, but we're making an exception here as there is one significant change to the game that it will now suppor the new Playstation Move controller. No longer will you just push buttons in time with on-screen prompts or waggle your analogue sticks, but will be able to use full gestures with the new controller to throw punches, open doors, or perform most actions.

Furthermore the Move Edition will come with several other bonuses which almost makes the price of purchase (or at least a trade-in and upgrade) worthwhile. These include the inclusion of the DLC episode called "The Taxidermist", three dynamic XMB themes, full soundtrack and several 'making of' videos. While short "The Taxidermist" was a pretty good piece of downloadable content and is quite welcome here.

If you own the previous version of Heavy Rain the good news is that on September 22nd (all going well) a patch will be released which will add Playstation Move support to the game. Unfortunately we don't believe this patch will include any of the bonus content as seen in the full version.

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The sexy Madison Paige in Heavy Rain.
For those of you unfamiliar with the game Heavy Rain is from French developers Quantic Dream whom you may recall from their 2005 PS2 game Fahrenheit, or Indigo Prophecy as it was known in North America. It was a great title that offered a very unique experience to PS2 owners. Five years later the company released Heavy Rain, a PS3 exclusive, which has gone on to become a massive hit with over a million sales, and now, the updated version.

In 2011 a city on the US easy coast is being terrorised by the 'Origami Killer', whose victims are all discovered drowned, four days after they go missing. Seemingly the only clues: an origami figure and an orchid, discovered on each of their bodies. The public is gripped by fear and paranoia. The authorities seem no closer to a credible suspect. And now another potential vicitim has disappeared - Shaun Mars.

As the clock ticks amidst suspicion and anxiety, four very different people are drawn into the investigation - each following their own leads in a desperate search for Shaun. Each of them knows what the cost will be if they don't reach him in time - and they will soon be forced to ask themselves just how far they are prepared to go...

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Playing some basketball.
Gameplay in Heavy Rain is rather unique in that any decisions you make often impact the storyline and later events. As mentioned above the game follows four main characters in the game - father Ethan Mars, photographer Madison Paige, FBI profiler Norman Jayden and private investigator Scott Shelby. There are plenty of exploration elements and along the way you will be given choices, to do different things or react in different ways. There are some Quick Time Event styled moments, but they are brilliantly integrated into the gameplay and with this Playstation Move edition look set to be even more immersive.

There are a couple of other interesting things to note about this game. Firstly in order to not break up the emotion and rhythm of the game Trophies won't be awarded during gameplay, but only when you reach the end of the chapters. As you may have surmised this is a single player game, there won't be any multi-player components.

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Heavy Rain uses multiple angles to good effect.
The first time we had a hint of potential of Quantic Dream's next game was at E3 2006 with a tech demo called "The Casting" which saw a single woman in a room and her house talking about various emotions before putting a gun to her head. It was dramatic, riveting, and technically astonishing (you can still see copies of the clip here). We must point out though that this clip isn't actually in the game and the final product does certainly surpass the visuals in that tech clip.

As per our preview and review of the original release, Heavy Rain - Move Edition is a visually impressive title with an emphasis on artistic flare rather then pushing the most polygons. Animations have benefitted from motion capture sessions while the texturing too impresses... We can only hope though that with the extra development time over the original release Quantic Dream have ironed out some of the bugs that we encountered - although they were never enough to stop us playing the game.

If you've read our review of Heavy Rain then you will know just how much we loved the game. It offered visuals and a storyline rarely seen in this medium and the improvements made to the Heavy Rain: Move Edition looks set to only improve the title even further. Expect the patch for current owners in late September with the full retail game to launch on October 8th.