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May 17 2013
Gran Turismo 6 - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
6/12/2013SonySonyPolyphony Digital
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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The Toyota 86 GT '12 - just stunning.
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Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 looks, well, amazing.

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Silverstone is in the franchise for the first time.
Gran Turismo 6 isn't a simple upgrade of the last game with some new cars or tracks, but rather sees entirely new game and rendering engines to push the PS3 to its limits. This looks like the definitive racing title of this generation...

In terms of cars there will be 1,200 in this game when it releases (no word how many of those will be Nissan Skylines!), which is an increase of 200 cars from the previous titles. These cars will range from historic classics to the latest and fastest releases. As yet though Polyphony Digital have not commented if there will be Premium and Standard models in the game, or what the ratio will be. Enhanced for this latest game is the ability to customise the cars with aerodynamic parts and custom wheels. The number of cars in the game will be expanded through monthly DLC.

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Lighting in GT6 looks superb.
Moving onto the tracks and Gran Turismo 6 will include 33 locations and 71 different courses to race on with, just like the cars, more promised through post-release DLC. This is 7 more locations, and 19 more layouts then Gran Turismo 5 had and the game will include including Silverstone (while Australia's own Bathurst is rumoured as well). The game will also include a new Course Maker.

Polyphony Digital have created an all-new game engine which will allow for improved response times, while the tyre, suspension and aerodynamic modeling has been reworked to improve realism. The developers also entered a partnership with Yokohama Rubber and KW Automotive to ensure authenticity and accurate physics modeling on the tyres and damper systems respectively.

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Interior detail is superbly recreated.
The developers have built Gran Turismo 6 with the future in mind with much more flexibility to expand the system including plenty of DLC. This does, of course pose the question about a next-generation version (of either Gran Turismo 6 or another title), and the ability to import save games from one generation to the next - something which Polyphony Digital are yet to address but have hinted is "possible".

Online functionality is also being pushed further with gamers able to organize their own communities on a local, domestic or global scale and organize your own racing events. As yet there has been no confirmation of how many gamers can compete in multiplayer races but we would hope for at least 16 as per the previous game.

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The stunning McLaren MP4-12C '10 in GT6.
The developers are also promising a much improved user interface (menu) system as well as reduced load times while the game will be compatible with multiple devices including Smart Phones, Tablets and PC. No, you can't play the game on these devices, but you will be able to use community and social features from the game.

As many of you would have noticed Gran Turismo 6 is currently slated for the PlayStation 3 only - not a PSVita or PlayStation 4 version in sight. Polyphony Digital have confirmed thought that (much as night follows day) they are exploring a next-generation version. Don't expect it too soon though.

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Ferrari is in Gran Turismo 6.
There's no doubt that, visually, Gran Turismo 6 is extremely impressive with an all-new engine being built which includes adaptive tessellation and improved HDR performance. As with the previous game we expect the title to run at 1080p (probably at the lower 1280 x 1080p) and that's ok, but we can only hope that the developers have improved the game to remove the screen tearing while running at a solid 60fps.

It's still very early days with the developers promising much more will be unveiled at E3, Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show later this year. Make no mistake about it, with Gran Turismo 5 shifting over 10 million units on PS3 this will be a massive title this Holiday Season (interestingly Kazunori mentioned there were "six or more months to the release of granturismo6" - that's cutting it extremely fine for a pre- Christmas release) In any case gamers will be able to get their hands on a demo of Gran Turismo 6 this July with the full game set for release on December 6 2013.

Below is the Announcement Trailer for Gran Turismo 6. Very pretty...