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Jan 15, 2007
The Godfather: The Don's Edition - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
30/3/2007EA GamesEA GamesEA Redwood Shores
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The game, like the movie, is brutal.
The Godfather is a movie that should need no introduction. If you haven't see the original, or indeed the two sequels, I highly recommend you hire the DVD box set or, if you have enough money, buy it (it's available for about $AU40 these days). Based on the book written by Mario Puzo, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the first movie is listed on the Internet Movie Database ( as the greatest movie of all time with an average score of 9.1/10, with the sequel ranked at number three with 8.9/10. Considering that IMDB has over 100,000 movies in its database it's an impressive feat.

Little wonder then that there was so much pressure on Electronic Arts to get The Godfather right when it hit the PS2, XBox, XBox 360 and PSP in mid 2006. With scores averaging in the mid-70% range on Gamerankings it was postively received, but not the smash hit EA would have been hoping for. With a couple more months development time EA's Redwood Shores studios are putting the finishing touches on a PS3 version - a version which promises many additions (more on them later) - including the addition of the expansion pack which hadn't been announced yet!

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Gunfight on the boat.
For those of you unaware The Godfather follows the fortunes of the Corleone family in 1945-1955 New York. In the game you must earn respect through loyalty and fear as you rise through the ranks to become Don in a living recreation of the city. You will be placed at the center of action, allowing you to create yourself in the game, and then choose your path as you rise from lowly outsider to envied and feared Don. As you take control of New York you will be challenged by the five families including the Tattaglia, Cuneo, Sollozzo, Brazini, and Stracci families. Mark Winegardner, author of the novel Godfather Returns, is providing story editing and fiction insight.

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The PS3's graphics are nice.
Featuring non-linear action-adventure gameplay, The Godfather: The Don's Edition offers gamers many choices for solving the family's problems with brutal violence, skillful diplomacy, or a cunning mixture of both. From mob hits and bank heists to drive-bys and extortion, step deep inside the world of The Godfather where intimidation and negotiation are your tickets to the top. Players will use their powers of loyalty and fear to earn respect through interactions with characters in the world while decisions made by the player in the game will have lasting consequences, just as it was in the mob underworld seen in the movies.

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Take that!
Over 20 characters from the movie will appear in this game, with many actors lending their voices to add a dramatic and cinematic touch to the game. Such voice actors include the late Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone, James Caan as Sonny Corleone and Robert Duvall as consigliore Tom Hagen. How did Electronic Arts get Marlon Brando in the game considering he passed away? Well, somewhat fortunately the developers managed to get him to record his dialogue just before he passed away late last year and despite being on a ventilator Electronic Arts have confirmed that his dialogue will be used in the game, as well as some additional dialogue being recorded by another voice actor. Certainly a fitting farewell.

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Hanging outside the bakery.
So what about the Playstation 3 exclusive features? The Godfather The Donís Edition includes The Corleone Expansion Pack (which is interesting as it hasn't been announced for other systems as yet!) with new gameplay and missions. Essentially the title offers brand new ways to go from Street Soldier to Don as you gain control of the streets of New York. Follow the path an Enforcer or Operator; each with its own unique perks and abilities to earn. Now you can chat up specific characters to get the skinny on dirty cops, take down two additional revised compounds of rival Families, execute five new contract hits, and call in larger Corleone Hit Squads when the going gets tough. With game also has new Shipyard and Railyard transportation hubs to explore and exploit; your path to the head of La Cosa Nostra is wrought with all new perils and excitement.

The Godfather The Donís Edition also takes full advantage of the Sixaxis controller for PS3 so you can manhandle your controller to manhandle your opponent.

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Taking a couple of pot shots from the car.
The Godfather wasn't the smash hit critically (although it did alright commercially) that Electronic Arts were hoping for, but it wasn't the worst game either (that title goes to the abysmal Superman Returns which EA should never have released). This PS3 version looks like having several additions worth hanging out for and may bump this game up a couple of notches in the rankings. With the game currently scheduled for a release in March one can only hope that it doesn't get lost in the European 'launch title' crush that seems to be growing every day. The Godfather: The Don's Edition is a title worth keeping an eye on and should hit the shelves a week after launch on March 30th.