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June 25 2006
Frontlines: Fuel of War - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
Q'2 2008THQTHQKaos Studios1$TBA

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Man down, get a medic, now!
With the Playstation 3's strong showing at this years E3 show one thing was confirmed - the system would be host to many First Person Shooters, including this effort from Kaos Studios for THQ - Frontlines: Fuel of War. The game isn't due out until Q'2 2008, but it's already shaping up very nicely.

Frontlines: Fuel of War is an open world, infantry and vehicle-based FPS (First Person Shooter) featuring advanced next-gen weaponry in a desperate, near future setting where controlling the planet’s depleting fossil resources determines the ultimate fate of civilization. A global war for oil is being waged between two superpowers, the Western Coalition (US/EU) and the Red Star Alliance (Russia/China), and players will be instrumental in determining how the war is waged – and won. The single player campaign will focus on this powerful storyline as players’ execute missions focused on non-linear gameplay, moving their frontline through enemy held territory.

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The in-game viewpoint.
As Frank DeLise, general manager of Kaos Studios states "Frontlines: Fuel of War will take players to the next generation of combat. The game focuses on the cutting edge in military technology that will allow players to experience the highly-charged frontlines of tomorrow, today. Through intense, nail biting, non-linear single or multi-player campaigns, players will be able to use more than 60 vehicles and advanced weaponry, from next-generation assault tanks to experimental RC drones."

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Firing at the enemies.
Many of you may be asking just who is Kaos Studios. Well, Kaos Studios is an internal THQ development located in New York City. The development team was formed in 2005 by industry veterans of the FPS genre with the core members of the group coming from Trauma Studios, creators of Desert Combat (one of the most successful mods of all time from the original Battlefield) and the R&D team for DICE's Battlefield 2. The 50-person team includes additional members from the development teams of other acclaimed shooters, including FEAR, Medal of Honor and Doom 3. Now that's quite a bit of talent behind this game.

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The vehicles in Frontlines look great.
One aspect of this title which has not been unveiled as yet is the multi-player modes, or even numbers. As you can imagine the game will include online gameplay, and we suspect it will be at least 32 players, however we will have to wait for confirmation from THQ, probably in early 2007 before we know for sure.

With a release still quite a while away the screenshots released to date for Frontlines: Fuel of War, and seen throughout this preview, already show plenty of potential. This is certainly one to keep an eye on as the release approaches.