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May 23 2008
Ferrari Challenge - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
28/8/2008Red AntSystem 3System 3
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Let's hope it runs as well as it looks.
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Texturing is quite sharp overall.

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The in-game viewpoint.
When it comes to racing games everyone has their loyalties. Some gamers go for a genre such as Formula One, Rally cars or Street Racing. Some people will buy a game due to the developers such as Polyphony Digital or Criterion. Others look for their favourite cars or brands in games. If the latter is your preference and Ferrari cars are your desired mode of transport then Ferrari Challenge looks like a game you will want to check out as it will be the first game dedicated to the famed car manufacturer since Sega's Ferrari F355 Challenge in the arcades (and PS2) almost a decade ago. System 3 now have the license to develop the official Ferrari title and Ferrari Challenge is the game.

To ensure authenticity the developers hired Formula 2 racer Bruno Senna, the nephew of Formula One racing legend Ayrton Senna, to ensure the handling model in the game is as accurate as possible. As one would expect the Playstation 3 game will also support the "Official Ferrari Steering Wheel" from Thrust Master. While racing you will be able to turn off aids such as ABS, steering assist and traction controls to tune the game from full-on simulation to arcade racer.

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Sponsors are all in place too.
Game modes such as the Ferrari Challenge season, Arcade or Quick Race modes ensure variety and quick access to play. You also have a built in tutorial that shows you the correct line to take and braking points around Ferrariís test circuit at Fiorano. Progressing through the championship series, cars and tracks are unlocked allowing players to experience other championships and other tracks. All official cars from the real-world racing series including F430 Challenge Cars, 360 Challenge Cars, 355 Challenge Cars will be included as well as others such as the Ferrari FXX. Indeed the game will ship with 30 different cars on the disc however System 3 are hoping to provide regular - perhaps monthly - updates through the Playstation Store with more cars from the Ferrari range. Likewise the developers are looking at expanding on the 13 tracks provided with more downloadable.

The PS3 version of Ferrari Challenge (the game is also coming to Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, while the PSP and PS2 miss out!) includes extensive multi-player options with 16-players able to compete over LAN or online, testing their nerves on 16 different circuits. However, the online experience isnít just limited to racing - thanks to the extensive online support, new vehicles and tracks associated with the Challenge series can also be downloaded or swapped with friends via your Virtual garage. A 2-player split screen mode will also be incorporated in the game.

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Race tracks look pretty nice.
Graphically the game looks pretty sharp with great car models, and until a certain Polyphony Digital series, the game will include realistic race damage modeling - although the damage will only be visible and will not alter the performance of your cars. Cars have been modeled internally so in-game viewpoints provide realistic representations of the dashboards and steering wheels.

We still have a bit of a question regarding the games' developers due to a lack of big racing titles in the past however early video footage of Ferrari Challenge is very promising indeed and we may very well have a surprise hit on our hands. One good thing is that despite originally being set for release in November 2007 the game has been constantly pushed back (well, sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not!) to ensure it meets expectations. You can be sure we'll be in line to check this game out to see if it matches the branding when it hits the shelves in late August.