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August 16 2010
F1 2010 - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
23/9/2010Namco BandaiCodemastersCodemasters Birmingham
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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F1 2010 looks very impressive visually.
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Racing in the hot desert sands.

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The sense of speed in F1 2010 impresses.
I've always been a big fan of Formula One and have watched the races ever since I was a child. As a result I have also been very keen on any games released and until only a couple of years ago had been serviced quite well by Sony's titles on various Playstation consoles. But now Codemasters has the license and after a couple of years development F1 2010 is due to release in weeks.

Announced back in April 2009 F1 2010 has been a long time coming, and there were hopes the game would have hit shelves in the early part of the season, not towards its conclusion. Still everything seems to be falling into place very nicely indeed so let's get on with it.

In terms of stats F1 2010 includes all 19 circuits from this years series with each track faithful reproduced. The game also includes all 24 drivers and 12 teams from this season. Upon starting the game the career mode gives you a choice of either 3, 5 or 7 seasons as well the team to race for. While some teams, such as Ferrari or Red Bull, may have massively high expectations for a Driver's or Constructor's Championship win, other teams such as Lotus may be just as satisfied with earning some Championship points. The game also includes mock media interviews where your responses may affect your teams viewpoint of you - some Webber/Vettel comments may upset a few in management we suspect!

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Racing in the wet will be tricky.
It must be said that the level of detail in this game is truly outstanding, and nothing is more apparent with this then the weather effects which Codemasters have been very keen to promote. As in real life rain isn't an on/off option. It comes and goes with varying degrees of heaviness. In a light shower tracks in this game may have wet patches in the open, while being dry under trees or buildings. Water will flow into the dips on tracks while it will dry out in the sun. As in real life when a Forumla One car moves between different levels of wetness this affects the handling and the chances of losing control. Of course in the heavier rain spray will flick up from the cars ahead reducing visibility. Think that's impressive, well the levels of grip will be affected with heavier rains washing away the rubber built up over sessions. If that happens it will take time for the track to grip up again.

Another feature of this game is the way the teams operate. If you're behind your team mate in the points race you won't get much say in what goes on R&D wise, however if you're leading then you'll get a say in the R&D and also first dibs on the technology (just think the Red Bull team at the moment!).

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Lining up on the grid in F1 2010.
The game will include online leaderboards for the best times during races and wisely Codemasters will not allow you to post a time if you use the rewind function during the race. The what you say!? Yes F1 2010 includes the ability to rewind the race a few seconds so if you stuff up at a crucial point, you can go back and attempt that pass or corner again. It's an option, not mandatory, but will allow the game to be accessible to the casual gamer, while the hardcore can go about their normal racing.

Using Codemasters own EGO 2.0 Engine (F1 2010 is the first game to use the 2.0 version) this game certainly looks the part with brilliant detail on the cars, gorgeous looking tracks and most importantly superb weather effects. In order to please pretty much everyone the game allows you to select from five different camera angles including in-cockpit, on the front wing and behind the vehicle. If the game can hold a solid frame rate of 30fps as the developers are promising then racing fans should be in heaven with this release. Audio too should impress. When you're racing you won't hear TV styled commentary from Martin Brundle or Murray Walker (not that he does commentary any more - but is still the best in our books!), but just as in real life will hear comments from your race engineer giving you advice on your car and driving.

With a release set for late September 2010 there isn't too long to wait to get our hands on this impressive looking racer and sadly there won't be a demo of the game to check it out early. Perhaps the biggest positive is that it's being developed by Codemasters who have had hits with their Dirt and Grid racing games recently.