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September 7 2010
EyePet: Move Edition - PS3 Preview
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16/9/2010SonySonySCE London
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The Eyepet is draws items.
Note: Playstation Move controllers are required for use with this game.

Wait.. Haven't we seen this game before? Well, yes we have more or less with EyePet having first been released way back in October 2009 in Australia and Europe. That earlier version was a little different though as it used the Playstation Eye camera and a series of cards to control the movement and actions. This "Move Edition" (and as yet we're unsure if Sony will offer an upgrade patch for owners of the original) includes support for the new Playstation Move Controller, and 3DTV's.

For one reason or another we never reviewed the original title, but did play it extensively. What did we think? We loved the AI, we loved our pet animal, and we loved some of the tasks and games you could perform with him. Having said that there were issues including numerous bugs and frustrations including a lack of clear instructions for many of the dozens of the mini-games. Even in October last year though we could certainly see the potential of using the Playstation Move controller with the title. When Sony America decided not to release EyePet in November we were certain it was to wait for Playstation Move (which at the time was rumoured for an Easter or mid-2010 release).

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EyePet's technology combines video with virtual characters and objects.
So what exactly is EyePet? Well essentially the game is a "virtual pet" on your PS3. Not only can you change his appearance with new hairstyles, clothing and colours, but as the game progresses you get new items and toys to interact with your pet. You will need to feed your pet, play with him, and take general care of him including the very amusing bath time - and the pets fur looks brilliant when wet and being blow dried. You'll have challenges to complete (which may include getting your Pet to perform tricks such as jumping through hoops or posing with you for a photo) which can earn you a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal which unlocks more content and challenges to work through.

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Posing for a photo in EyePet.
Many objects will be usable in the game world with the Playstation Move as the primary controller it also possible to use other parts of your body such as hands and feet to interact. If you wave your hands towards your pet he will jump over it. Scratch the ground and he will come over to investigate.

Visually this game was impressive in its original form. While it never threw around the most polygons or the most detailed objects ever seen in a game the animation on your pet, and certainly the fur effects, certainly can't fail to impress.

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Customising your pet in EyePet.
This Move edition of the game looks set to beef things up even more with the addition of 3D visuals for those of you with 3DTV's. While we have some questions as to how the 3D objects and your pet will gel with the 2D nature of the video background, the inclusion of 3D could improve gameplay by giving a better sense of depth perception.

While we weren't as enthralled with the original EyePet as we thought, or hoped, we would be this upgraded version with Playstation Move and 3DTV support, and an extra years development, looks set to improve an average title to something that could be quite a showcase for the Playstation 3, Playstation Move and 3D gaming. Expect a release on September 16 to coincide with the Playstation Move launch.