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May 20, 2005
Eyedentify - Preview
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Webcam images are placed into the game.
Now this was probably one of the most original games at the 2005 E3 show. No, scratch that - it certainly was. In this game the player uses both a USB (or wireless on PS3 I guess) headset and camera. You can interact with two very pretty CG characters and not only have conversations with them but appear in a video link. As you talk they respond to commands (which appears more like natural language then the limited vocabulary in current PS2 games) and give you feedback to the current mission. It really is an impressive technical achievement and promises to be some of the most original gameplay on the system to date.

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Apparently these graphics are realtime!
Unfortunately at this stage there is not even a hit of what it's all about - most people predict it's a spy/espionage title with you controlling the girls, and possibly other agents, via microphone. Time will tell.

At this stage we're still a little unsure about how much of the video shown at E3 was real, and how much was mock-up. Certainly the video from the systems web cam looks much nicer then that which can be seen from the current Eye Toy - perhaps there is a higher resolution one in the works. Not matter what, Eyedentify was one of the most original and exciting games shown to kick off the Playstation 3 proving it will be much more then racing and action games.