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July 22 2008
Tom Clancy's EndWar - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
15/11/2008UbisoftUbisoftUbisoft Shanghai
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Character models in the game look good.
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That's one big explosion near the city!

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Endwar's battlefields are pack with tanks!
There is little doubt that Ubisoft are one of the powerhouses in the gaming world. While Nintendo focus on kids games, Electronic Arts struggle to break away from sports titles and Microsoft don't seem to even want to develop their own games the French powerhouse is bringing us exciting, fresh and original games. Tom Clancy's Endwar is another in Ubisoft's stable of Tom Clancy inspired games, and it has the potential to redefine the genre, with a heavy emphasis on voice control of the game. Will it work? Time will tell but this is one very exciting prospect. So, what's it about then...

The unthinkable happens in 2016. A nuclear exchange in the Middle East kills 20 million people and cripples the world's oil supply. Crude oil prices spike at $800 a barrel.

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That chopper better get away, quick!
One year later, the threat of world-wide nuclear war is eliminated when the United States and Europe deploy a comprehensive space-based anti-ballistic missile shield. Russia soon follows with an advanced missile defense system of its own. Intercontinental ballistic missiles are rendered obsolete. Russia becomes the world's primary supplier of energy and experiences a massive economic boom. With its newfound riches, Russia quickly re-establishes itself as a major superpower and restores her military might. Western Europe, with the notable exception of the UK and Ireland, unifies to create the European Federation. This new nation is destined to be a formidable 21st-century Superpower.

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Buying a new chopper, in the 360 version.
In 2020, the United States is on the verge of finishing construction on the Freedom Star, a controversial orbital military platform that will upset the balance of world power. The European Federation withdraws from NATO in protest. Tensions between the European Federation, the United States, and Russia are building and will soon reach the breaking point. The EndWar is about to begin.

Tom Clancy's EndWar is a Realtime Strategy game around 20-hours in length for the single player campaign which is made up of three warring factions; America, Russia and Europe. Where this game changes from your typical point and click games though is the use of voice commands to control the game. With a list of only 40 words the game gives you full control over the battlefield. Ordering friendlies to fire on enemy positions, securing positions, or retreating can all be done via voice commands. Another of the unique features of the title is the ability to use a PSEye (the PS3's camera - we don't know if you can use the old Playstation 2's Eye Toy) to use hand gestures to move the maps around. Think a similar thing to what Tom Cruise did in Minority Report.

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Fighter jets screaming overhead!
Certainly where this game is going to prove itself is the online battles, and Ubisoft are ensuring this game is geared for the online gamers with, essentially, and online persistent world where the battles which take over each day, and the victor will determine who takes control of that territory at the end of the days battles. EndWar will allow four-on-four battles, and even co-op versus battles.

As you can see from the surrounding screenshots Endwar is a very impressive game visually and Ubisoft has confirmed the game will run at a solid 30fps, even during the heat of battle. Being set in the future not only can we expect military hardware from today, but also technology that isn't ready for the battlefield in 2008. The developers also give you full control of the camera so you can pan around your units and see how they are performing during the intense battles.

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EndWar could define the RTS genre!
There are so many questions about this game it's not funny. Ubisoft certainly have a strong record in developing very good military based games, and this one certainly looks impressive. Apparently Ubisoft has just completed a closed beta of the game with some 15,000 gamers. Certainly the one big question though surrounds how well the voice controls will work for the game, and if the game will be bundled with a headset which, obviously, will be a major part of the experience.

We admit that we haven't seen nearly as much of Tom Clancy's EndWar as we would like, but with an November release rumoured (following from an original expected release date of March 2008) we don't have long to wait to see if they've succeeded and indeed Ubisoft are planning a demo so everyone can try out this game before buying it.