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January 6 2007
Dynasty Warriors 6 - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
15/3/2008THQKoeiOmega Force
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Draw distance is much improved.
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Battle on top of the wall.

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We're up to 553 KO's!
Back in February 1997 the Playstation was dominating the video game world and in Japan Koei released a game called Dynasty Warriors which was more of a fighting game then the current series. It sold moderately now however in August 2000 the real breakthrough was made with Dynasty Warriors 2. This game introduced battles on a large scaled with dozens of characters battling on-screen. Since that release we have seen fifteen other titles released in only six years. Now the game is heading to next-generation systems for the very first time, and it looks like a treat.

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Cut-scenes look absolutely gorgeous.
So yet again we have a third person hack and slash title which sees you controlling one character on a massive battlefield. Be it the additional power provided by the Playstation 3, or the developers going back to the drawing boards, this game has quite a few drastic changes which could enhance the gameplay significantly. Dynasty Warriors 6 now allows you to swim, climb objects and destroy walls. Another change is that the game will see the return of duels with two combatants being circled around by other soldiers. Other changes include improved AI for the enemies, wild animals now attacking soldiers, and an increased importance on strongholds.

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That's one hell of a weapon.
One of our biggest complaints about the PS2 games in this series is the rather short draw-in distance where characters will appear out of nowhere right in front of your character. From the surrounding screenhots it is quite clear that this issue has virtually been eliminted in Dynasty Warriors 6, no doubt due to the massive increase in memory which the PS3 provided the developers.

While the Dynasty Warriors series has stagnated on the Playstation 2 in recent years this next-gen version could bring life back into to the series. Improved visuals, enhancements to gameplay and more variety should do wonders for the series - we hope. Expect this game to be released in Europe, and hopefully Australia, in March 2008 with a very reasonable $89.95rrp here as well.