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May 21 2011
Duke Nukem Forever - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
10/6/20112K Games2K Games3D Realms (Original)
Triptych Games/Gearbox
Piranha Games (Multiplayer/Console Port)
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Hail to the King, Baby! Duke is back...
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Taking on multiple enemies.

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Taking on a Cycloid with fists?!
1997. Bill Clinton started his second term as American President. Hong Kong reverted back to Chinese rule. Mother Teresa passed away, Princess Diana was killed, and Gianni Versace was murdered. It was still another four years before the atrocities of September 11. A lot of time has passed since those events but for gamers 1997 will be known as the year that Duke Nukem Forever was announced as the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D. At a time when the average game took around a year to be developed gamers waited patiently as year after year the game was teased, but little was seen.

In 2001 developers 3D Realms announced that the game would be released "when it's done" but despite the release of the odd image and video it wasn't until May 2009 when things really fell apart with 3D Realms being forced to downsize and sack their development team and publishers Take Two slapping the company with a lawsuit. It seemed like it was over, but it wasn't. On September 3, 2010 2K Games announced that Gearbox Software was picking up the pieces, and completing the game with a release date now set for June 10, 2011. (For those interested we suggest you read this article for the full story on the games protracted development.)

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Duke signs for the kid...
While Triptych Games (made of ex-3D Realms employees) and Gearbox are working on the main level design and PC version of the game the multiplayer and console ports are being handled by Piranha Games. According to Randy Pitchford the single player campaign will last around 16-18 hours, which is pretty decent compared to many other FPS's. As for the storyline, well Duke Nukem again has to save the world, and the babes, from invading alien hordes including pig cops, alien shrink rays and some massive alien bosses.

Naturally Duke has plenty of weapons at his dispoisal from pistols to rocket launchers, but the developers have also incorporated some vehicle driving and puzzle solving into the game. One the developers are promising is a break from the relentless action to shoot hoops, lift weights, play pinball, pool, air hockey or slots. It certainly sounds lie there is ple

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Now that's one massive enemy!
Multiplayer is sure to be a focus of this game as well and we already know you'll be able to shrink your enemy before squashing him with your foot, freeze and shatter him, attach explosives and much more. We don't know what game modes will be included online, but it sure sounds like fun, and is certain to be quite whacky.

Visually the game is looking pretty impressive. Having gone through the Quake II engine, then Unreal Engine before rumours of a switch to the Doom 3 engine. What the game is currently using to power the visuals, and physics, remains unknown. Gearbox Software used Unreal Engine 3 for Borderlands and while Wikipedia still lists Duke Nuke Forever as using Unreal Engine 2/2.5 it's possible that Unreal Engine 3 is now powering the game.

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Duke Nukem Forever is out June 2011.
Of course the audio, and in particular, the one-liners from Duke Nukem, have been a highlight of this franchise and we can expect this game to be littered with some fantastic moments.

So after a 14 year wait gamers will finally be playing Duke Nukem Forever in June 2011. Questions remain about the quality - how much of 3D Realms' vision remains intact and how coherant will the game be. How refined are the visuals or are they dated? Can the developers retain the comedic style we fell in love with? These remain to be answered but with Gearbox Software handling development we don't think the game could be in better hands (remember Gearbox were responsible for the rather impressive Borderlands in late 2009.