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Sept 17 2012
DmC Devil May Cry - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
15/1/2013All InteractiveCapcomNinja Theory
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DmC is being developed by Ninja Theory.
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A change in visual style, but still impressive.

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DmC's cut-scenes should be fantastic.
Capcom's Devil May Cry franchise has a very long history. The first game, released on PS2 in 2001, was originally developed as a sequel in the Resident Evil franchise however as the gameplay progressed it was soon spun off into this franchise. Interestingly one of this games strengths, that being fast and fluid combat, still remains on many gamers wish-lists in the Resident Evil franchise which is still criticised for its sluggish control scheme. Following an impressive three outings on PS2, and then a somewhat disappointing Devil May Cry 4 on PS3 in 2008 Capcom have set their sights on rebooting the franchise and, with a new developer, given the series an entirely new look.

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Looks like Dante has made the news!
DmC Devil May Cry details Dante's early years when he is discovering and coming to terms with what it means to be the child of a demon and an angel. The world of Limbo is a living and breathing entity, out to kill Dante. The world will transform in real-time and try to block off and even kill our hero. Our protagonist will have to master demonic powers to shape Limbo the way he sees fit, while perfecting his angelic skills to traverse this hazardous, twisted world. Indeed the game world will twist and warp trying to trap Dante.

One of the most contentious issues about this game isn't the game itself, but rather the fact that Capcom has handed development off to UK company Ninja Theory. Their track record is fairly solid and they are most well known for their PS3 hack and slash games Heavenly Sword and the impressive, but under performing at retail, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. It's important to note that since this games earliest development Capcom staff, including those from earlier Devil May Cry titles have been working closely with Ninja Theory to ensure quality for this title.

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Visually DmC is much more modern.
Gameplay in this title remains faithful to previous games in the series - that being a third person action/combat title with both swords and gunplay. Being part demon and part angel this allows Dante to call on abilities from both sides at will including the ability to transform his "Rebellion" sword on the fly. As well as his trusty sword his twin pistols "Ebony & Ivory" make a return and will be joined by the "Arbiter" demonic Axe, "Osiris" angelic scythe and "Eryx" which are powerful demonic gauntlets.

Visuals in DmC are the most noticeable area where the game has changed not least of which with the "new look" Dante, but also with a drop from 60fps to 30fps, although Capcom are promising some "neat tricks" which makes the game seem like it's running at the higher frame rate - I'll believe it when I see it. It's a bit jarring at first, but taken in the entire context of a more contemporary setting works pretty well in our opinion. Ninja Theory have used extensive motion capture for this game and given the quality of their previous motion capture efforts - among the best we've seen this generation - we're quite happy for the developers to take the route with cut-scenes and in-game animation.

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Enemy design is still crazy.
Music in the game has been composed by Norwegian band Combichrist as well as Dutch electronic group Noisia (who composed 8 tracks for Motorstorm Apocalypse) and the group had the following to say about the game, and music:

    It’s been an awesome experience working with Ninja Theory on the game. We had great freedom but were also bound by certain criteria typical in the game world, these are challenging boundaries (for example; consistency in sonics over 180 minutes of music) but also lots of space in terms of dynamics & progression and instrumentation, being able to create soundscapes without having to worry about holding the attention of a dance floor. Also, their music director was great to work with, good vibes. It's great when you get to play to your strengths. And the game kicks ass.

DmC Devil May Cry will see quite a shift for the franchise with a new artistic style and developer. Although Capcom have kept quite a bit under wraps until now every new bit of information, screenshot, video and demo of the game impresses and shows a game still adhering to its roots, albeit with some new visuals. Expect a release in January 2013.

Here's the Captivate 2012 trailer for DmC Devil May Cry which shows off gameplay.