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March 26 2013
Dead Island: Riptide - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
26/4/2013AIEKoch Media
Deep Silver
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Dead Island: Riptide - surrounded by zombies.
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The game can be quite bloody.

Released in September 2011, Dead Island was a game that received middling reviews (although we gave it a pretty solid 77%), but captured the minds of gamers with sales of the game surpassing 4 million units on all three platforms. That's pretty decent numbers so it was no surprise to learn that a sequel was in production. With a release set for April 2013, there's not long to go before we'll be hacking away at zombies yet again...

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Battling on the beach.
As yet, only a month before release the storyline is still fairly under wraps although we do know that the survivors from the first game escaped the island, and make it onto a military ship, but when a storm hits and the virus infects the crew, well, it's time to try and survive yet again.

As with the first game Dead Island: Riptide is primarily a melee combat game with zombies swarming the island and out for your blood although there are certainly plenty of projectile weapons on offer for "distanced" combat. We've seen pistols, auto rifles, heavy machine guns, molotov cocktails, in the game while melee weapons include knives, axes, sickles, blades, baseball bats and numerous other items. Returning to this game is the ability to pick up cash and items, although it appears the developers are still forcing you to aim your reticule at the item to pick it up rather then an auto pickup which make the game a lot slicker.

The crafting bench which allows you to mod and upgrade weapons, or repair them, makes a return too although, yet again we're not sure why it costs money to use these benches when you're on an island struggling to survive. Who collects the cash? Anyway...

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Boats play a major role in Dead Island: Riptide.
There are plenty of new features in the game with boats now a major mode of transportation through the river systems. In the trailer below there is also a new "hub defense mission" where you need to fortify a location while tunnels are drained with water. The motors draining the water are loud, so waves of zombies will attack. Not only will you have to defend the location, but between waves rebuild barricades. Sounds like another certain shooter doesn't it, but in Dead Island: Riptide it's integrated into the main story and looks pretty entertaining.

As you can see from the surrounding screenshots, and indeed the video below which shows pre-alpha footage, this is a pretty nice looking game, just as the original was too. We can only hope that the issues that did plague the original game when in motion - that being screen-tearing, clipping and animation issues - are resolved, if not minimised in this sequel.

If Techland can develop a game on-par with the previous title in the series we are in for some fun but if they can expand on the game, add in some new features and iron out some of the bugs then we could be looking at very entertaining title. We'll find out in late April if they have succeeded.

The video below contains a near 10-minute look (on an XBox 360, but expect the PS3 version to be near identical) at one of the missions in the game and despite being Pre Alpha it's still pretty nice so check it out.