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November 6, 2010
International Cricket 2010 - PS3 Review
Release Distributor Publisher Developer Offline Players Online Players
21/10/2010Namco BandaiCodemastersTrickstar Games1-22
Media HDD Space Resolution Move Controls Tilt Controls OFLC Rating

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Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson...
Over the last couple of weeks I have been plodding through my review of International Cricket 2010. It wasn't due to a lack of interest, far from it in fact, but moreso due to work commitments. But now those commitments have relaxed a little, and this month has seen the start of the Ashes battle between Australia and England. What better time to dig in and give the game the review it deserves.

As one can imagine there's no storyline to this game. It's cricket and as such it's the variety of game modes that will hold the most interest. On that front the developers have covered all bases with 20 Over matches, ODI (One Day International), Test Matches and most importantly a range of Tournaments which includes World 20 Overs, Champions Cup, 20 Overs Super League, World Trophy and Custom Tournament. The game includes 16 national teams (although only England and Australia are licensed) as well as 21 stadiums from around the globe - indeed these stadiums look the part and are instantly recognisable.

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This camera angle is very entertaining.

Beyond those game modes International Cricket 2010 includes Tutorials for batting, bowling and fielding, each of which is pretty critical for newcomers to the video game incarnation of the sport. It would have been nice to include a rule book so newcomers could learn the sports numerous intricacies. Finally Customisation allows you to edit players names, appearance, kit back, and skills

No matter which form of the game you select, the gameplay is the same. You'll either be on the batting team, in which case you'll always control the batsmen facing the bowler, or the fielding team, where you control the bowler.

Batting in the game is very entertaining indeed. After hitting triangle to start the bowlers run-up (or waiting for a few seconds) you will see the bowlers targeting marker on the ground to give you an idea what to expect. you can then use the right analogue stick to move your batsman left or right on the crease, use the left analogue stick to set the direction for your shot, hold L1 or L2 to modify from a normal to front foot or back foot shot with more accuracy, and finally press square for a defensive shot, X for a normal attacking shot, or circle for a lofted powerful shot.

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Selecting the type of delivery.
Bowling in cricket (video) games isn't generally as entertaining as batting, but in International Cricket 2010 it really is quite entertaining. Not only do you select the delivery but also the placement on the pitch, and the amount of swing or spin on the delivery and then have to hit a bowling mark in the run up or face a no ball delivery.

Sadly the fielding in this game is quite basic indeed as the players automatically chase down balls. All you'll ever need to do is select the end to throw the ball to, and during the catching opportunities you have a very small window of opportunity to hit the X button to make the catch.

Rounding this package out the developers have included online gameplay and while we've struggled to find opponents, the games we did play were quite entertaining indeed although we did have the occasional dropout. If you've got a mate or two with the game, expect some late nights indeed.

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Sponsorship is in place...
There are a couple of disappointments with International Cricket 2010. First of all the game only has the license from Cricket Australia, England Cricket Boards meaning players from other nationalities don't have real names. It would have also been nice/fun for the developers to put in support for the Playstation Move. That would be an interesting, and probably entertaining experience - for batting in particular.

So let's talk about the visuals, and there are certainly some positives and negatives. Starting with the negatives there are two main areas which needed some more work and refining in our books. First of all the players themselves, while having a general look of the real athletes, aren't the most detailed or accurate representations of their real-life counterparts - certainly not up to some other games. Another issue we have is with the crowds which look so bland and generic. Surely if you're at a game featuring Australia and Sri Lanka the crowds would be predominantly Green/Gold or Blue in colour to match the team uniforms.

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International Cricket 2010 is a fun game.
Having mentioned those issues there are also plenty of positives here regarding the visuals. First of all the menus are all slick, and Hawk Eye and the rotating field showing players shots look like they are taken straight from TV. The stadiums too look like they are authentically recreated and are instantly recognisable while the animations on the player are pretty solid for the most part too - although there are occasions such as when the players slide to pick up the ball where there is a clear switch in animations.

Sonically International Cricket 2010 is a bit of a mixed bag. The game include "normal" cricket sounds, the crack of leather on the bat, players shouting out and some crowd chants, but overall the sound is a little dull. Commentary includes the legendary Shane Warne, but as with many sports games it does become a bit, no, make that very repetitive, and worse is that comments will be repeated a couple of times or don't actually match the on-screen action. Now there's nothing terrible here, but the commentary isn't up to the standards set in some of the big sports brands such as FIFA or Madden NFL.

As a cricket fan I was quite impressed by International Cricket 2010, very impressed in fact. There is the occasional annoyance of disappointment but this is probably as good a representation of the sport as we have ever seen in a video game. Definitely recommended for fans of the sport.

Review By: Dave Warner

GRAPHICSThe action camera is pretty cool, the animation solid, but some disappointments such as crowds.
SOUNDIt certainly sounds like cricket although the commentary becomes repetitive.
GAMEPLAYHuzzah! This is a game that is entertaining, and quite detailed, in both batting or bowling. Quite fun.
VALUEFrom Twenty 20 maches, to one dayers and test matches and proper tournaments its all here. Online gameplay is included too.
OVERALLInternational Cricket 2010 exceeded my expectations. I've played a lot of cricket games in the past, most of them pretty disappointing, but this latest title is well worth checking out.

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