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May 28, 2006
Coded Arms Assault - PS3 Preview
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Yes, Coded Arms looks impressive!
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The effects give a 'virtual' appearance.

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Enemies ahead.
BOOM! Konami had a monster E3 show with plenty of current and next-generation titles on display. Coded Arms Assault was one of their next-gen games and looks set to be another massive title on Playstation 3. No doubt you've had a look at the graphics in the surrounding screenshots, and it's quite clear that this looks like one of the best games on the system to date. We haven't seen it in action mind you, but the combination of stunning visuals and solid gameplay should ensure this game heads up the most wanted list of most gamers.

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Some of the spectacular explosions.
Coded Arms Assault for the PS3 lets players assume the role of a hacker that enters a virtual world in an attempt to overthrow an evil corporation bent on world chaos. Set in cyberspace, players will take on fearsome enemies, unleash deadly viruses and download new weapons as they fight to bring down this new threat.

In the game it's possible for explosions to send deadly debris flying towards their opponents and strategically using high-powered weaponry to shoot out enemy cover. The entire campaign mode of the game can be played online cooperatively with up to four players. It's not just co-op play that is going to keep you entertained either.

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Shooting the van..
Boasting support for large-scale futuristic online combat, Coded Arms Assault lets up to 16 players go head to head in the game's multiplayer-specific environments. In several team or individual play modes, gamers will be able to utilize land and air-based vehicles for extra speed and stopping power, and even unlock additional multiplayer content by achieving different conditions of play. We're not sure if there will be dedicated servers set up for the game - we suspect not - but it certainly looks like a game set to push the PS3 in it's early life.

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Looking down the barrel.
We've already mentioned the stunning graphics in this game and Konami have confirmed the game uses Unreal Engine 3 to power the graphics. The explosions in particular look quite spectacular, and the way in which the characters and levels are destroyed is quite stunning.

As long as Konami nail the gameplay in Coded Arms Assault then it is almost certain to be a winner. At the moment the game is due out in America, and hopefully quite soon after in PAL territories, in Q'2 2007.