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January 29, 2007
Call of Duty 3 - PS3 Preview
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It's dirty, it's gritty, it's war.
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Has a war game ever looked so good?

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Using the sniper sight...
Activision are a company that loves licensed video games. In recent years they have snapped up the rights to franchises such as Spiderman, Shrek, Over the Hedge and X-Men to name a few. Fortunately while many of those games provide a very steady cash flow the company has some other big franchises including the Tony Hawk titles as well as their World War II based FPS series, Call of Duty. The previous title in the series was a smash hit at the XBox 360 launch - indeed it remains one of the biggest sellers to this day - and now the company is hoping to replicate that success at the PS3 launch with Call of Duty 3 (which we must add is also available on XBox 360).

Essentially this game focuses on the battle for Chambois in France. In the battle you'll play the role of Polish, Canadian, American, and British troops fighting the German army. Interestinly the game will switch between the different nationalities during the one major battle to reach the one ultimate goal - to cut of the German Panzer division and elite forces.

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Flame effects are quite stunning.
In terms of gameplay Treyarch are introducing some new features into Call of Duty 3. First of all the series will now include close-quarter combat which brings you face-to-face with the enemy. You will fight hand-to-hand, disarm traps, improvise explosive devices, and execute a host of other battlefield challenges that require cunning and swift reflexes. Realistic environmental physics allows the environment to be used as protection, but if it's not solid enough it can be destroyed - much like the enemies cover. Other general gameplay options includes the ability to execute parachute drops, armored assaults or SAS commando raids. Riddle battlefields with tank shells and explosives. Drive tanks to topple barricades and invade enemy emplacements.

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The graphics are sensational.
Multi-player is also going to be supported on the Playstation 3. At this stage we can't confirm if the system will include an option for offline split-screen co-op gameplay, but Call of Duty 3 will definately include online gameplay, with split-screen support. Indeed the developers are including support for 24-player in a variety of game modes including typical Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag among others. It is possible to battle it out as a variety of classes including riflemen, infantry, scouts, and others. Multiple-occupancy vehicles let you coordinate attacks with friends, driving while they fire a mounted machine gun from the turret. The game's wide range of vehicles available in multi-player includes tanks, jeeps and motorcycles with sidecars.

Although this game is appearing on all three next-gen consoles it looks like the PS3 may have the best features from both worlds. On the one hand it has stunning visuals easily on par with those on the XBox 360 (in fact, the PS3 game will run at 1080p) while on the other hand the PS3 version also makes use of the motion sensing controller - much like the Nintendo Wii game. The motion sensing will be used in melee attacks with enemies and also to lean and peek around corners.

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Firing from behind some cover.
Audio is going to play a major role in ensuring Call of Duty 3's authenticity and to ensure the game is up there with the best of them the developers have enlisted the help of award-winning composer Joel Goldsmith (who is the son of Jerry Goldsmith). Joel has been composing music for over twenty years now and is most well known for working on "Stargate: Atlantis" and "Stargate: SG-1" (upon which he was nominated for three Emmy awards), "Kull the Conqueror", "Shadow of a Doubt", "Helen of Troy" and "Witchblade". We can also expect some explosive surround sound effects too.

Call of Duty 3 looks like being one of the key launch titles when the Playstation 3 finally hits the shelves in March. If you like your FPS's, and even if you are planning on purchasing Sony's Resistance: Fall of Man, this is a game still worth addiding to your pre-order list.