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May 23 2010
Blur - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
27/5/2010ActivisionActivisionBizarre Creations
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Blur has some fantastic visual effects.
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Cars in Blur are based on real vehicles.

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Blur does indeed include 4-player split screen.
Bizarre Creations is a company which most gamers would have heard of with a history that stems back to 1990. In recent years they have had a string of hits with the Project Gotham Racing franchise for the original XBox and the XBox 360. In late 2007 it was announced that Activision had purchased the developer, and with Microsoft owning the PGR franchise the company had to develop a new IP, with Blur being the result. This isn't another simulation though, but rather an arcade styled racer with real cars, tracks based on real world locations (such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Barcelona and Tokyo), and plenty of power ups and weapons.

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Blur's races are going to be hectic.
Despite the fact this isn't a simulation Bizarre Creations have obviously used their links with manufacturers to gain approval to include over 50 licensed cars in this game, despite being quite arcade based, full of damage, and providing mods and power-ups that aren't quite in the realm of reality. By including these cars in the game it creates a sense of realism to the title. But what makes this game so different from a 'typical' racer? Well it's the power-ups that you can collect littered around the tracks that allow you to blast or mine the other cars out of the way, get a massive speed boost with the nitros. There are also defensive weapons such as shields to hold back attackers. Interestingly the weapons can be stacked up together to multiply the effects.

The single player game includes a full career mode which includes nine groups split up into seven challenges. There are three types of challenges including race where you must be the first of 20 racers to cross the line, destruction sees you accumulating enough points by shooting the opponents, and checkpoint which is a timed race where you must reach set checkpoints before the timer runs out. At the end of each group you will encounter a one-on-one race with a special opponent whom you must defeat in order to win their car and special mods before moving on.

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4-player split screen racing in Blur.
Since this game was first on the drawing boards at Bizarre Creations had a large focus on multi-player content and it looks like they have delivered in spades. First of all we have the online racing which allows you to participate in races with up to 20 players online. Thatís a phenomenal amount given the amount happening on-screen and we can only hope that there is little lag to go with that racer count.

Certainly a big feature of this game is the "social networking" interface where the game uses a virtual "Facebook" styled interface so you can communicate with other gamers. It will be possible to see whatís happening in the Blur world, see when the big races are happening, and ask fans for support. It will also be possible to create unique multiplayer modes based on their favorite ways to play the game and then share them through the network.

Should you not have an online connection, or if you have a few mates around the game also supports 4-player split-screen modes. We must point out that there is no way to play online with split-screen gameplay as well.

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Blur is out on PS3 this week.
As you have seen from the surrounding screenshots this is a visually impressive game - very impressive in fact. As well as the gorgeous looking cars - each of which will display visible damage we might add - the frame rate seems fairly solid (from the 360 Beta) while the visual effects are simply gorgeous.

We have massively high expectations for Blur which can be a dangerous thing - perhaps our expectations will be too high. Still with Bizarre Creations developing this game, and with their proven track record, there is little doubt that this should provide the thrills that racing fans a re looking for. The game is due out this week, so make sure you pre-order at our links above.