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May 20 2008
Battlefield: Bad Company - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
26/6/2008EA GamesEA GamesDigital Illusions
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
12-24$99.95 (Standard Ed.)
$109.95 (Gold Ed.)
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Jeep detail looks fantastic.
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Well, at least the grenade looks happy!

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Check out the clothing detail.
Several years ago - in 2002 to be precise - a little known company called Digital Illusions developed and released a game on PC called Battlefield 1942. It redefined what the online gaming experience should be with a wide range of soldier classes, weapons, vehicles, and dozens of players running around killing each other at the same time. The game wasn't without its faults, but it was loved by millions the world over. Subsequent games have upped the ante with a game based in Vietnam, and one set in 2142 to keep gamers happy. A new entry in the series is being developed, and the PS3 will see the game in 2008. That game is Battlefield: Bad Company.

One of the key things to note about this game is that there will indeed be a single player game, and story, in this title. You play the role of Preston Marlow but are joined by three other soldiers as you go after the main prize - no, not an evil dictator - but gold. Think Kelly's Heroes (if you've never seen that movie we highly recommend it) in videogame form.

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Explosion detail is damn impressive.
One of the key elements to this game is the destructibility of the levels. Need a hole in the wall to use your sniper rifle from? Well blow a hole in the wall. Need a ditch to take cover in, but none around? Well simply set some explosives to detonate, and boom, there's a hole to take cover in. Vehicles will also return in the game with a range of jeeps, tanks and helicopters to take control of as well as others. Interestingly you'll even be able to turn on a radio station in the jeep as you hoon around the levels!!

In terms of multi-player you can guarantee that will play a major part in the game. As yet the actual game modes have not been announced, however we do know that the game will support up to 24 players online.

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Firing from the mounted gun.
In terms of graphics this game looks pretty spectacular thanks to DICE's custom Frostbite graphics engine. As you can see in the surrounding screenshots the world detail is impressive, and the character models all look super slick too. What you can't see here though is the massive amounts of destruction which can be caused to each of the levels - almost everything can be destroyed. Audio is also being given plenty of attention with the developers promising to bring dramatic changes to the way audio is heard in games - gunshots and explosions sound different inside and outside buildings in real life due to the echo's and this game will be no different.

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So, what do we do now?
One thing to note is that there will be two versions of this game released: Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield: Bad Company Gold Edition. While the normal version will retail here for $AU99.95, the Gold Edition will sell for $AU10 more. What do you get for this extra $10? Well how about five exclusive weapons and, ermm, that's it. To be honest this seems quite petty to us, but on the flip side we have to commend Electronic Arts for keeping their pricing below most other companies to start with.

With Electronic Art's run of bad ports to the PS3 (including Madden NFL 08, Half-Life 2: Orange Box and even problems with Rock Band being reported) one can only hope and prey that they finally get their shit together for this game. They certainly have a lot of work to do in terms of features and technical polish with Activision's stunning Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare currently dominating the PS3's online action game scene, well over six months after release! Expect Battlefield: Bad Company to be released on June 26, 2008.