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June 22 2007
Assassin's Creed - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
21/11/2007UbisoftUbisoftUbisoft Montreal1$119.95
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Assassins Creed really is this stunning!
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Riding through the village.

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Altair is moving through the crowds.
E3 2006 was an exciting event. Sure the price of the PS3 gave people thoughts about taking out a second mortgage, but some of the games made it all worthwhile - one of those was this game, Assassin's Creed, from Ubisoft. The trailer was simply stunning but most importantly it wasn't pre-rendered, but actually running on PS3 hardware. It was certainly one of the most visually impressive games at the show. So what's it all about? Well that's still under wraps and while there are some potential spoilers for a key 'twist' in the game we won't let it slip here so fear not.

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The countryside looks fantastic.
Set during the Third Crusade Assassin's Creed allows you to experience the power of a feared Assassin named Altair. You will plan your attacks, strike without mercy, and fight your way to escape. Every action has its consequences. Crowds react to your moves, and will either help or hinder you on your quests.

One of the most impressive aspects of this game is the way in which the main character interacts with the environment. As he moves through the crowd (as in the top screenshot) he pushes his way past onlookers to the upcoming hangings. Almost all the games environments can be climbed, including walls and boxes, making the pathways to your targets virtually limitless. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the controls - the triangle button controls Altair's head so he can enter an Eagle Vision mode to spot friends and enemies close by. Square controls the handheld weapon, circle is for grapples and pushing while X activates the ability to blend into the crowd, or when used while holing R1 allows Altair to jump from location to location - which is especially useful when running around rooftops.

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Overlooking the town below.
As you can see this game is quite the stunner graphically. Think these are concept art or pre-renders? Think again. These screenshots are all in-game. While the game was running a little rough in terms of frame rate at E3 2006 we expect the game to be silky smooth by release. Another particular highlight was the stunning animation on both the main and non-playable characters. Indeed the developers are promising around 10,000 different character animations will be included in the game, 700 of which will be contextual. To put that in comparison Ubisoft's brilliant Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time includes around 500 animations - and that game looked pretty brilliant already!

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Entering the town - in a big way!
Another aspect of the game which has been mentioned by producer Jade Raymond is the online connectivity. Pretty much confirmed is the fact that the will be downloadable content and perhaps new levels while there is also a small chance that the game will either include some online gameplay out of the box, or as a downloadable extra at a later date. Playing the game in co-op has been rumoured but, yet again, is to be confirmed.

While Assassin's Creed was initially unveiled and presented on the Playstation 3 it has since been revealed that the game will indeed be hitting multiple platforms including the PC (in early 2008) and XBox 360. Ubisoft have announced the game will be released in November 2007 in both a regular and limited edition with the latter including a swag of bonuses including a figurine, behind the scenes videos, hint guide and much more. We can only hope it meets these early, and lofty, expectations as well as the quality set by the companies superb Prince of Persia series.