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April 25 2006
Fifth Phantom Saga - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
2006THQSegaSonic Team1$TBA

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One of the first PS3 games.
Announced last May at E3 2005 the details of Fifth Phantom Saga are still very much under wraps to this day. In fact almost nothing has been seen of this Sonic Team title since that event, and even little has been heard of the game which makes doing up a preview pretty hard. The video shown at E3 2005 showed the player in a First Person Shooter type game moving through a series of basic levels. Along the way he (or she) is accompanied by a Phantom who, from what the video shows, can be commanded around the level to pick up objects in the distance (such as boxes) or knock down doors and so on.

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These graphics look ok.
This is certainly an interesting looking title. Sure, technically it needs a lot of work, but the idea could be interesting depending how much control you also have over the phantom. Fifth Phantom Saga was one of the least impressive games at last years E3 show for the Playstation 3 - and indeed there was much criticism of the quality of the graphics, interactivity and physics. There was some pretty nice lighting in places, but we can only hope that the number of objects and characters in the game world increases dramatically.

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There is some nice lighting here.
One thing to bear in mind is that since last years E3 show we have learnt that Fifth Phantom Saga, unlike most other titles, was actually in-game footage from the game and not representation of how the final product will look. Given that the PS3 isn't due out until November this gives Sega a full 18 months to improve the game - something which is certain to happen. Expect to see much more of this game at E3 2006 in a couple of weeks time (especially if - as rumoured - this will be a launch title) at which point we'll update this preview.