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July 15 2008
Yakuza 2 - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
25/9/2008SegaAmusement Vision1$49.95
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Time for some pain...
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.. and Yakuza 2 golf!
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Remember these are PS2 graphics.

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Fights play a large part in Yakuza 2.
In September 2006 Australian gamers were treated to a game which redefined the crime/underworld game genre. That game was Sega's Yakuza - a title which we still love to this very day. Now, two years later we have the sequel nearly upon us (although it has been out in Japan since December 2006 - only a few months after we got the first title out here in Australia). Still, the wait will be worth it, we're sure. How do we know? Well first and formost the game has been produced by Toshihiro Nagoshi and novelist Seishu Hase is also working on the game. Both were involved with the original title. Secondly the game earned a whopping score of 38/40 from Famitsu upon release in Japan!

Yakuza 2 plunges you once more into the violent Japanese underworld where respect and honor holds great importance. In intense brutal clashes with rival gangs, the police, and the Korean mafia, you will have opportunities to dole out more brutal punishment. Yet again you play the role of Kazuma Kiryu, the hero from the original Yakuza and explore Tokyo and now Osaka. Wander through the back alleys of Japan's underworld while trying to prevent an all-out gang war. Endless conflicts and surprise plot twists will immerse you in a dark shadowy world where only the strongest will survive.

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Yakuza 2 can be brutal.
Split over 16 chapters Yakuza 2 includes an improved fighting engine allows you to fight numerous enemies at once with less load times and smoother camera angles. Experience points earned from brawls will help build up strength, stamina and fighting techniques. By stringing together a combination of fighting moves, you’ll take out multiple enemies simultaneously. Objects in the environment can be used as weapons and even more context-sensitive Heat moves, like throwing foes down the stairs or off a balcony, will give you the upper hand in battle.

Sega have stated that the world in this sequel is approximately twice the size of the original game, which while not GTA is size, was still pretty good with plenty to see and do. This second game though allows you to visit bowling alleys and driving ranges, as well as cabarets and bars, all licensed from actual Japanese establishments.

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Bowling is included in Yakuza 2.
Graphically the game should be just as good as, if not better then, the original title. That game was already pretty impressive so we're thinking this could be one of the best looking games on the PS2. The game though will include Japanese speech with subtitles. It seems Sega aren't going to do the full English translation, but that should provide a more authentic feel to the game anyway.

With Yakuza 2 now set for release in late September we may just have a great reason to dust off the Playstation 2 and prepare for plenty more underground madness. This should be a great title at a great price of only $AU49.95.