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March 25, 2006
X-Men: The Official Game - PS2 Preview
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Go for it Wolverine.
It's going to be a blockbuster year for movies and one certain smash hit is X-Men: The Last Stand. This game has been co-written by Zak Penn, the co-screenwriter of the upcoming movie, and legendary comic book writer Chris Claremont. It doesn't follow the events of the movie but rather provides a back story, hence why the name X-Men: The Official Game is different to the movie title. Naturally the story is still under wraps so as to not spoil possible events in the movie but as Activision have stated that 'players will experience epic superhero action as the game explains Nightcrawler’s mysterious absence from the movie, and in-game events foreshadow the roles of the X-Men and Brotherhood in the film. The game’s climactic ending sets the stage for the movie with intersecting characters and storylines intersecting.'

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Graphics look fairly solid...
Players will immerse themselves in the signature powers of their favorite X-Men heroes -- hack and slash with Wolverine’s brute strength to decimate foes; as Nightcrawler, players will scale walls, spin and BAMF through environments to stay one step ahead of enemies; and experience incredible speed on Iceman’s ice slide while shooting ice beams and creating hailstorms to freeze the opposition. For even more power, players can utilize fury and adrenaline modes to launch devastating attacks. During the game you will be able to upgrade each characters signature powers, and discover areas which are suited to each hero.

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... with nice effects.
ace off against villains from both the movie and comic book universes as favorite X-Men allies join forces with the player in gameplay that includes fighting, stealth-style action and time-based missions. During the game you will explore familiar areas as seen in the movies including Alkali Lake, the Statue of Liberty, Dark Cerebro and more. Unfortunately we can't really tell from the surrounding screenshots just how well these locations have been translated into the game.

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OK, what the hell?!
Activision have secured some very impressive voice talent for X-Men: The Official Game. Not only have they secured the talents of Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier yet again, but this time have also secured the Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Shawn Ashmore as Iceman and Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler. X-Men: The Official Game features a score created by leading sound company Womb Music, and Chance Thomas, a renowned composer of King Kong, Lord of the Rings and Unreal videogames.

If there's one thing I've learnt about Activision in recent year's it's simply that the know how to develop a great licensed video game. It's great to see the company isn't just taking events from the movie and providing a playable form, but rather creating a back story to the movie. I, for one, am very keen to get my hands on this title - as should every X-Men fan.