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July 11, 2003
XGRA - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
2/10/2003AcclaimAcclaim Cheltenham1-2$99.95

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Check out the great bikes.
August 2001. Almost two years ago now and Acclaim quietly release a game called XG3: Extreme-G Racing. At a time when interest in racing games was stalling with too many realistic simulations Acclaim added an ultra-futuristic motorbike racing game that barring a few issues could have been a classic. The game was fast, had an awesome soundtrack and looked spectacular. Unfortunately the game was made extremely difficult by the narrow tracks - something which looks to have been rectified in this game by the screenshots available.

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Looking very Wipeout-ish.
The next step in the continued evolution of the critically-acclaimed Extreme-G Racing brand, with sales of over one million units in the US alone, XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association brings to life the motor sport of the future. All of the speed and excitement of the series is intact, with a host of new race types, mission objectives and unlockable content that will firmly place XGRA at the pole position. Well, that's the official description of the game but I can tell you this is one mean racing game. Not only do the bikes travel at ridiculous speeds, but they are also fitted out with an array of weapons to destroy the opposition.

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Check out the wonderful detail.
The features list in this game is fairly impressive. The game includes 8 different teams, all with unique histories, sponsors, and rivalries. Each of these teams can participate in the various race classes and race types with a rewards system offering unlockable content such as new game modes, tracks, faster bikes and character enhancing cybernetic implants. The developers are also promising variable missions and storylines that make each race a part of a larger career. The vehicles are also fully tweakable allowing you to refine your machine to the ultimate racing machine for your style.

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Looking through the HUD.
Graphically this game has progressed significantly from it's already impressive predecessor, XG3: Extreme-G Racing. This game includes variable weather systems which will play havoc with the riders. The background detail such as buildings and landscapes looks sensational while the lighting and visual effects are spectacular. The 16 tracks on offer look sensational with some magnificent landscapes which are more then a little reminiscent to Psygnosis' legendary Wipeout Series on PSOne.

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A nuke goes off in the distance.
One of the coolest features of this game is the destructible object which will be placed on the track. This includes anything from gas pipes to bridges and spectators. The developers are promising that any damage will affect the track which can be altered during the race - by anyone. Of course this destruction doesn't happen without weapons and XGRA is choc full of them.

XGRA is definitely one title that deserves more coverage then it is likely to receive. The original title was a lot of fun and this game looks much better. Expect a release in Australia in late August.