August 15, 2001

WWF SmackDown!: Just Bring It - Preview

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The in-game graphics are better.
I hate wrestling. It's fake, over publicised, good for nothing bullshit basically. But that doesn't mean that games based on the scripted TV shows can't be fun. Far from it. Getting into a ring with several guys and smashing each other over the head with chairs from the ringside adds up to a lot of fun, especially when you are taking on your mates. Just make sure you put away the chairs first. THQ's WWF Smackdown series is among the best on the market with WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role selling over 2 million units worldwide. Just Bring It looks set to advance the series even further.

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Errmm... the selection screen.
WWF SmackDown!: Just Bring It is choc full of features including 35 highly detailed WWF Superstars such as including the Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, The Undertaker, William Regal and Faarooq. The game also includes authentic arenas and backstage areas. The game also has 8 different modes of play including 78 variations of Exhibition Match (with over 30 new match types including the New 6 man Tag).

During the matches the game includes amazing new real-time events such as Referee AI, arguments, interference and taunting. A full voice narration/commentary system brings the intense and thrilling atmosphere of a live TV show to the PlayStation 2. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the game however is the 4 players simultaneous option with up to 9 WWF Superstars in the ring at once. Naturally the create-a-wrestler function remains intact and has in fact been expanded.

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Expect some out of ring action.
With a release date of November 2001 there is still plenty of time for THQ to improve the game even further. Certainly the graphics are hardly pushing the Playstation 2 to its limits at this stage, although the screenshots hardly do the game justice. If your one of the millions of WWF fans around the world (keeping mouth shut) then WWF SmackDown!: Just Bring It will probably be on the top of your shopping list this Christmas, and you probably won't be disappointed with the game. Yukes and THQ look set to release another WWF winner and following the chart topping success of the PSOne WWF games this will likely make it to number one upon release.