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October 4, 2003
Worms 3D - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
31/10/2003SegaTeam 171-4$99.95

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Lovely cartoon styled graphics.
Ahh, Team 17. Ever since the days of Alien Breed and Body Blows the development studio has been a favourite of mine. While they have never had the "mega" hits of other developers they do produce competent, and more importantly, fun, games. Easily their most popular title in recent years has been Worms, an updated version of the classic Scorched Earth from many years ago. After many 2D versions Worms 3D is the first time the company has set out to create a 3D version of the game. Will it work? Time will tell, but it's looking promising.

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Using the bazooka.
The Worms phenomenon has taken the gaming world by storm for many years now, gripping the minds of players through its simple appearance yet cunningly designed interior. Finally, to the excitement of fans everywhere Worms is headed to the Playstation 2 (and other systems) with a full 3D world. Continuing to capture the true essence of the game as teams of worms battle across bizarre randomly generated landscapes, or across finely crafted custom-designed levels utilizing an arsenal of devastating weapons. If you've never played a Worms game then you're in for one of the best strategy games ever.

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Targets ahead.
The game-play in Worms 3D remains unchanged from previous titles, featuring turn-based fighting and relying on the player to judge the trajectory and strength of their shots in order to inflict maximum damage on opponents. All the favorite weapons such as bazooka, grenade, dynamite, air strike and sheep are present including some new additional ones. Defensive tactics can also be employed as you choose to dig in with buildings, trenches, sandbags or fortifications, whilst buildings on the landscapes can also provide shelter against attacks.

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Nice explosion effects
One of the key aspects to Worms 3D is the game has randomly generated landscapes providing an infinite number of maps to play on. The camera can also be switched between 1st person view and 'blimp' views to help you locate and target the enemies. Team 17 have included several game modes including all new mission, play modes, ‘Wormpot’ modes, training and challenges. They are also promising a more immersive single player experience based on unlocking challenges, secret missions, sound sets and landscapes. The cartoony graphics are supplemented with environmental conditions such as rain, snow, night and day.

Worms 3D isn't a game for everybody. It can be pretty slow between turns, and requires some thought, but for those patient to give this game a go, as millions have in the past, the rewards can be endless. Expect and Australian release in late 2003.