March 12, 2001
WDL: Thunder Tanks - Preview
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When it comes to action games this one looks to be among the best. 3DO's World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks is, not surprisingly, a tank battle game. The Playstation 2 has really been crying out for an 4 player action game. TimeSplitters was a launch title while Unreal Tournament is just around the corner thanks to Infogrames. This game, however, is the only tank battle game in the foreseeable future but thankfully WDL: Thunder Tanks is shaping up very well.

With 11 tanks to select from and 11 different competitors WDL: Thunder Tanks will keep you glues to the TV for some time. More important then the tanks is the fact that the game includes 6 different modes of play including Tournament and Skirmish modes such as Deathmatch, Frenzy, Capture The Flag and head-to-head combat. 3DO have also filled the game with 20 different battle arena's, which are both indoors and outdoors and show a variety of graphical styles.

This Playstation 2 version of this game includes a 4 player battle mode which promises some of the most frantic action seen to date on the system. Hopefully the frame rate will be able to handle the 4 player mode which will become chaotic when all the tanks are firing at each other in close quarters. Graphically, WDL: Thunder Tanks looks very impressive overall. The tanks are detailed and the backgrounds, while not stunning look to serve their purpose well. The game also includes anti-aliasing, extensive light sourcing and dynamic lighting to create a realistic gaming experience.

WDL: Thunder Tanks isn't a very high profile game, but for those looking for a multi-player action fix on the Playstation 2 look no further. 3DO have a several new titles heading to the system in the coming months and their quality is usually fairly good, although they rarely sell as well as they should. With plenty of explosions, tense action and great graphics WDL: Thunder Tanks is an exciting option for action gamers starved fo quality action titles in recent months. Expect a release in April 2001.