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Sept. 12, 2005
The Warriors - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
28/10/2005Take TwoRockstar Toronto1-2$99.95

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Hiding from the other gang.
Despite the fact that I'm a mad movie fanatic I have never seen The Warriors. A relatively low budget action movie with an unknown cast the movie was released in 1979 and soon earned a cult following with its gritty, and often brutal, depictions of New York gang life. It was an interesting choice for Rockstar to pick up the license given the niché audience, but what's done is done and I guess it adds some credibility to the title. With Rockstar's Toronto studio developing the game, and with the recently delay into 2006 for Rockstar's other PS2 title Bully, the company will be placing a lot more empahsis on this title.

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Hanging with The Warriors.
So what's it all about then? Well the game actually begins three months before the events in the movie so we're a little unsure about the events during this period, except we can expect plenty of gang war styled mayhem. The movie however was directed by Walter Hill who also directed 48 Hours and Red Heat as well as writing Aliens and The Getaway, is set in New York. All the gang members have called a truce and attend a meeting to sort out their difference. During the meeting Cyrus, the head of the largest gang, is killed and a member of The Warriors is blamed. All the gangs are soon hunting you down and its your role to prove your innocense.

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This is a brutal game!
The Warriors plays as a third person action/fighting title. Even with months of development remaining the action appears fluid and the range of moves is quite wide. Your characters aren't just limited to a few punches and kicks, nor just some objects to whack the opposing thugs with. Rather the developers are also implementing many special moves to pull off an take out your enemy with.

As you enter each mission you will be accompanied by anywhere between one and eight fellow gang members. During the course of the game you will also be playing as different members of The Warriors gang each of which has a different set of skills - some, such as Ajax, are heavy hitters while others, such as Swan, are more fluid in their actions. Each of the characters in the level has a health and stamina bar. While health is self-explanatory the stamina bar determines how easy it is to break holds, or run away from trouble. From a broader sense each of the different gangs will fight differently. The Turnbull ACs, for example, will fight aggressively while The Orphans are a little more reserved in their approach.

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Characters get physical damage.
The real test of this game is going to be its depth. Will it have the same superb tension and stealth as in Rockstar's Manhunt, or will it have the hundreds of hours of gameplay as in their Grand Theft Auto titles? Time will tell.

As most of you would know Rockstar aren't known to shy away from violence with Manhunt certainly setting new benchmarks in that area - so much so that Australia's OFLC eventually had the game banned - 9 months after release! This game is also quite violent with some spectacular special moves. Fortunately for Australian gamers The Warriors has been passed at the OFLC with an MA15+ rating.

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Got him in a choke hold.
As you would have seen the game is pretty gritty with some very good recreations of dirty urban locations. The animations are varied and more importantly look pretty smooth with several months of development remaining. One of the neatest touches is the way in which each of the characters becomes more bloodied and bruised as they take a beating.

One interesting thing about The Warriors is that not only will we be seeing the PS2 game in October but also a release of a Special Edition DVD as well as a release of the movie on PSP UMD. Talk about cross promoting. The good thing is that unlike the movie which has a niche audience the game is likely to be a monster hit, and Rockstar Toronto seem to have everything in place to make it happen.