April 15, 2002
V-Rally 3 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
28/6/2002InfogramesEden Studios1-2$99.95

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Expect better lighting in V-Rally 3.
With sales of over 5 million units for the previous V-Rally games there was little douby that a third game in the series would happen. The developers have been given a major boost with a shift to the Playstation 2 for the series which should allow for much more realistic environments and physics. For starters the details on the cars has been significantly increased from around 2,000 polygons per car in the PSOne games to between 15-16,000 polygons in the Playstation 2 game. While the technical improvements are welcome it's the gameplay which has always made the V-Rally games so impressive, and this game should be just as enjoyable.

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The dust effects look wonderful.
The tracks in V-Rally 3 are particularly impressive, having been ‘hand-made’ in 500m sections, with each track the responsibility of one designer. This makes for a huge variety of racing experiences with enhanced interactivity. There are many animated sections, with elements of the track now breaking apart when speeding cars slam into them. Eden Studios, the developers of the game, have designed a brand new drving engine which brings the sensation of speed and realism, through sceneries + handling, to a new level. V-Rally 3 is a rally simulator where all aspects of the Rally driving including road surface, bumps, car damage and tyre compound and many other factors can greatly affect your performance.

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Check out the snow on the car body.
Considering that there are more polygons in a single mirror in the Playstation 2 cars then the entire cars in the PSOne games this is going to be visually impressive. The game includes 6 different locations including Finland, Sweden, France (Corsica), Germany, Great Britain, and Kenya each of which has their own extreme conditions. Sadly the game won't have the official tracks and teams as this is exclusive to Sony's World Rally Championship. Still the V-Rally games have always been more arcade based, and terrific fun. I wouldn't expect any less from this title which looks every bit as exciting as the prequels.