May 25, 2003
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution - Preview
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Two old favourites return.
It is one of the best fighters ever and with sales over a million units worldwide Sega's Virtua Fighter 4 is not only one of the biggest commercial successes on Playstation 2, but has also received many positive reviews. As has been the case with many fighting games in Japan the developers have looked at refining rather then re-inventing the wheel. Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution is Sega's upgrade to their premiere fighting series and promised to make a brilliant game even better.

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New guy Brad in the ring.
The biggest change to the game is the inclusion of two new characters. They are Goh the Judoka and Brad the Muay Thai Kick Boxer which takes the fighter count up from 13 to 15 fighters to select from. Of course the game also includes new attacks, counters, and defensive moves for every character allow players to switch up their stance and fighting styles mid-fight. The game includes a Quest Mode which allows you to battle around the world through a series of simulated arcade tournaments to become the world champion.
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Some of the excellent CG.
The customization options have also made a return in this game, but have increased dramatically in options. Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution now includes more than 1,500 accessory items allowing gamers to alter clothing, hairstyles, and more.

The game has also undergone some cosmetic work as well The graphics have been fully optimized to make better use of the PlayStation 2 hardware and now support anti aliasing for smoother graphics and more emphasis on lighting. The character models have also improved in detail with higher polygon counts and better texturing.
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Dural goes invisible.
As you can see in the screen to the right the all new CG movies are superbly rendered and detailed. To top it all off Sega are including a 60Hz option to keep the game running at full speed.

As previously mentioned the first Virtua Fighter game on Playstation 2 was a brilliant game that deserved as much attention as it received. This game really is an evolution in the series. There haven't been a tremendous amount of additions (only 2 characters), but for those who missed the original Virtua Fighter 4 or for the hardcore fighting fans this game is almost certainly a must have title. After some doubt about a PAL release the title has been picked up by Gamenation for release here in Australia in late July.