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October 20, 2003
Unlimited Saga - Preview
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Prepare to battle.
For quite some time it looked like Square's Unlimited Saga would never make it outside Japan, let alone to PAL territories. But with over 600,000 copies sold in Japan the game was recently released in America (June 18th) meaning a PAL release was a possibility. In early July Gamenation has confirmed that the game will indeed be heading to Australia and New Zealand with a release planned for September 17th. Developed by Square-Enix, published in PAL territories by Atari and with over 8 million units sold in the Sage series to date this is one game that RPG fans will want to check out.

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Yep, there's plenty of menus.
The legendary Seven Wonders are a group of ancient structures shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that the powers of long-absent gods lie within and their release will trigger a rebirth of the Golden Age. The Seven Wonders are scattered across parched deserts, frigid tundra, harsh mountains, and raging seas – all remnants of a time when evil forces ran amok. Some believe the legend, while others dismiss it as a fairy tale – yet, seven adventurers, firm believers in the legends, set out to discover the Seven Wonders’ long-entombed secrets. Their paths are fated to cross in Vaftom at the Festival of Regina Leone…

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Selecting the party members.
So what are some of the features of this game. Firstly character design has been undertaken by Yusuke Naora, the art director on Square's legendary Final Fantasy series. The game also includes a "Free Scenario System" which creates the most open-ended adventure possible. Non-linear options allow the world and its characters to constantly evolve. This streamlined game system allows the player to focus on the core of the RPG experience: Discovery and Growth. The newly developed "Reel" battle system relies on a slot machine-like interface in which players stop several spinning reels that result in different actions. The "Reel" will appear after the player has assigned attacks. You then select "Hold" or "Go" for each attack. Although it may seem like positive results are based on luck, players must use their turns wisely. The "Reel" battle system requires not only intellect but agility as well. Finally, Unlimited Saga will include 5-channel sound through out the entire game, using Dolby Laboratories' latest technology, Pro Logic II.

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Some of the great characters.
One final thing to mention is that Unlimited Saga will include a Final Fantasy X-2 exclusive rolling demo which will only be on the PAL versions. The game will also include an exclusive “Eternal Calm – FF X-2 Prologue” movie on a bonus DVD - Discover the link between FFX and FFX-2. Once again exclusive to PAL territories only. With Square-Enix's strong RPG status this game looks to not only match, but exceed expectations. Look for the release of Unlimited Saga in Australia and New Zealand in early November.