March 15, 2001
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
13/4/2001Electronic ArtsIn-House1-4$99.95

Click To Enlarge Image"Golf spelt backwards is flog". While that may be Kelly Bundy's only sporting knowledge one other thing is certain, golf games can be tremendous fun. This is in fact EA's second golf game on the Playstation 2, the first being the anime styled Swing Away Golf. This however is the first realistic golfing game on the system and has been endorsed by the biggest name in sport today, Tiger Woods. Golfing fans should be in heaven when this game finally hits Australian shelves in early April.

Click To Enlarge ImageSo what's in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 you ask? Well Electronic Arts have provided several different modes of play. These include the Tournament, Stroke Play, The Skins Game among others. Possibly the most time will be spent in the career mode where you will have to enter tournaments and practice hard to become the worlds greatest golfer. Another interesting addition is the Play Now mode where you are placed in one of 21 different scenarios. FOr instance you may have to play the 18th hole on Pebble Beach in a skins game with all 18 skins on the line. While playing it will be possible to put spin on the ball as well as fades or draws. All of this is done through the analogue controls.

Click To Enlarge ImageOne potential problem with this game is the lack of courses on offer. Apparently the only choices are Pebble Beach Golf Links, Poppy Hill Golf Course, and Spyglass Hills Golf Course, which doesn't bode well for the longevity of the game. Sure, you'll be able to learn every nuance of the courses but you may soon tire of playing the same holes. On a brighter note you will be able to compete with, or against, pros such as Tiger Woods, Justin Leonard, Brad Faxon, Stewart Cink, Robert Damron, and Mark Calcavecchia. All have been perfectly re-created and animated for the game.

Click To Enlarge ImageTiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 is fully 3D with all the golfers and courses all rendered to scale. The courses look quite detailed while the golfers are all texture mapped and have been motion captured for the game. Although still unconfirmed I am certain that EA will include a variety of weather conditions such as sun, cloudy and rain.

Apart from a lack of courses there is little to fault in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001. The graphics look quite amazing and if the gameplay can match previous EA golf titles, and there is no reason to think that it won't, then this should be a great title. Get some friends around, grab a few pizzas and have a great time because golf games can be tremendous fun.