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April 5, 2004
True Crime: Streets of LA - Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
10/11/2003ActivisionLuxoflux Corp1MA15+Medium
Save Size Sound Format Vibration 60Hz Mode 50Hz Border Widescreen
KBDolby Pro Logic IIYesYesSmallYes

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The games hero, Nick Kang.
Over the past year or two there have been a few games that have tried to copy the success of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Games like The Getaway, and the hilarious, The Simpsons: Hit & Run have tried hard to attract gamers by developing games with very similar gameplay. True Crime: Streets of LA is another game that has jumped on the band wagon but is slightly different than the rest. This game gives you the choice to be good or be downright corrupt!

You play a suspended cop Nick Kang who is reinstated into the EOD (Elite Operations Division) to try and take down the Chinese Triad and Russian Mafia cartel in the City of Angels. Throughout the game Nick finds out more about his father who's disappearance has baffled him for most his life.

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Graphics are nice and clean.
Much like Vice City this game is mission based whereby you have to drive, shoot and fight your way to solve crimes. Killing people will bring down your karma rating thus making you a corrupt bad cop. However arresting and or maming people by shooting them in the arm or leg increases your karma rating thus making you a good cop. This is quite challenging expecially when the criminals you're trying to arrest are blsting you with a shotgun from 3 metres away. Unlike Vice City this game has a higher emphasis on martial arts moves and there are multiple combos and moves you need to learn at 24/7 locations around town. To complete the game you'll also need to upgrade your primary weapons (dual pistols with varying calibre and shots per second) and upgrade your cop car and driving manouvers. These upgrades are a must as the game gets progressively hard quite fast.

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Get your guns off!
During the missions you can solve minor street crimes and randomly frisk people for drugs or illegal possesion of weopons. Choose carefully because if you don't find drugs or weapons on someone your frisk rating goes down. This is one of many things that is saved in the statistics much like Vice City has. A car damage metre and the ability to shoot at whatever you want while driving is awesome. When you go into aiming mode the time slows down giving you a better chance of hitting the target which is also a great idea.

The gameplay in True Crime: Streets of LA is very good and is very addictive. A variety of different styles of missions and well as endless street crimes to solve makes this game a very fun one to play. Also the choices effect what happens in the missions. For example if you happen to fail a mission the story continues on a different path where you have to get yourself out of trouble. You can, however, choose to re-do the mission you failed.

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Nice, but questionable, moves.
My main gripe with this game is that it is way too short. It took me less than 10 hours to complete all the different story lines and missions. Also, all you could drive were cars. No planes, bikes, boats or helicopters which I hope will all be included in the sequel which is still in the works.

The graphics are't as good as Vice City, and do have a few glitches. For instance sometimes you crash your car into something and the car appears stuck half way in the road and the wall. This only happened a couple of times but is quite annoying as you can't get out of it without reloading. The cut scenes are fairly good with nothing overly exciting. The map of LA is massive as it takes about 10 minutes to drive from one end of the city to the other.

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Target ahead...
Music has become a big part of this genre and if you like hip hop you'll love True Crime: Streets of LA. Sadly that's all that this game offers but it has a whole heap of it. Snoop Dog is not only an unlockable character but he headlines the game and other artists inlcude DJ Quick, Westside Connection, Battlecat and so much more. I wasn't a fan of the 80's music in Vice City either so all you do is turn down the volume and play your own music that you like.

Luxoflux Corp have developed a pretty decent game in True Crime: Streets of LA for those suffering from GTA withdrawal symptoms (or those hanging for GTA San Andreas - Dave). It is definitely worth a look for fans of the genre and even has a few things that I hope GTA San Andreas includes such as the ability to aim and shoot cars/people while driving and a few handy driving manouvers and upgradable features. For those who can't wait until October 2004 this title is well worth a look.

Review By: Allen Wager

GRAPHICSPretty good but True Crime has a few nasty glitches.
SOUNDLots of hip hop but nothing else. Good voice acting and sound effects.
GAMEPLAYExcellent, has some features better than Vice City.
VALUEWay too short, less than 10 hours but endless street crimes too solve.
OVERALLIf you liked Vice City and the Getaway you'll like this title as it does offer something different to the table. Pity the game wasn't longer but definitely worth a good look.

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