August 12, 2002
Atari Transworld Surf - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
11/10/2002InfogramesAngel Studios1-2$99.95

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Very impressive looking water.
When the XBox was released in late 2001 one of the biggest launch titles was this game, Atari Transworld Surf. The developers, Angel Studios, decided to do a port to the Playstation 2, and the results are more then impressive. But surfing games have never really taken off in the same way as other extreme sports, possibly because no one has got the gameplay right yet. Even UbiSoft's Sunny Garcia Surfing was quite average, but Atari Transworld Suft look much more promising, and is certainly ahead graphically.

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Beachside detail is also impressive.
As stated in the official game literature TransWorld Surf is an authentic surfing game featuring the most realistic 3D wave ever! You can surf as one of 13 pros which include Rochelle Ballard, Shawn Barron, Taj Burrow, Jason Collins, Tim Curran, Shane Dorian, Christian Fletcher, Andy Irons, Taylor Knox, Cory Lopez, Dan Malloy, Fred Patacchia, and Chris Ward. The game also allows you to surf in over 30 breaks modeled after 9 real-world locations including Huntington Beach, Hossegor (France), Kirra Point (Australia), Jefferies Bay (South Africa), Witches Rock (Latin America), Tavaura (Fiji), G Land (Indonesia), Pipeline (Hawaii) and Teahupoo (Tahiti).

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Racking up the combo points.
Atari Transworld Surf includes 7 gameplay modes including single-player Prosurf, Freesurf, Competition, and Single Session modes, as well as multi-player Freesurf, Competition and King of the Wave modes. In the Prosurf mode you can pull off a trick in front of the cameramen for potential magazine opportunities, and to unlock new breaks and levels for the game. The game includes the ability to surf in multi-player modes such as "King of the Wave" where you must score higher then your opponent on a series of waves. During the game you will be interacting with many different environments, objects, animals including other surfers/bodyboarders, sharks, dolphins, wave runners, boats, coral. Get eaten by a shark or let the Reef girl tow you out to the gnarliest wave! Another interesting addition to the game is the Karma Meter which allows the player to interact with different objects and people to change the game play experience to suit their style. Keep the meter high by avoiding other surfers and dolphins. If your karma is bad, then the surfers and sharks may attack you!

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Inside the tube.
As expected the graphics in this game aren't going to equal those in the XBox version, but they are still pretty solid looking. Fortunately the developers are promising a random wave form generation for each of the the locations which is very welcome following UbiSoft's Sunny Garcia Surfing which provided the same wave each time. Replays will also be available with different camera angles at your discretion. The sound should also be a positive to this game with some solid punk/alternative/surfing type music.

The best news is that according to IGN this game plays better then the XBox version although, as expected, the graphics take a bit of a hit. Still it's the gameplay that counts and by the looks of it surfing fans are about to have a very good reason to gotouy and buy a Playstation 2, if you haven't already. Expect the game to hit Australian shelves in mid October 2002.