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August 23, 2005
Total Overdose - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
23/9/2005AtariDeadline Games1$99.95

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Angel, she's damn fine.
Now we see a hell of a lot of games here at Future Gamez. It's probably for that reason that this game, Total Overdose seemingly crept up on us. Then we got the press disc and materials and BOOM! The game hit is as one of the most impressive looking titles in recent years mixing plenty of tequila, guns and girls. In fact if you were to liken this game to a movie it would be Robert Rodriguez 's El Mariachi trilogy with a bit of Matrix styled action thrown in for good measure. This game actually looks extremely impressive and action fans are almost certain to want to check this out.

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The game is full of explosions.
The year is 1989 and deep in the sweltering heat of the Mayan jungle, camouflaged among the Inca ruins, Ernesto Cruz catches his breath for a few moments and admires his handiwork, bodies strewn across the temple ruins, as he makes a last gasp effort to board a DEA plane to take him to safety. He never made it home, the tragic victim of an alleged ‘overdose’.

Two weeks ago Ernesto’s son, Ramiro Cruz is hauled out of jail by the DEA to be told his twin brother, Tommy, works for them as an undercover agent and has some new information about their father’s death. But, Tommy has had an accident with a hand grenade and now Ramiro must take his brother’s place in an undercover operation closing in on the ruthless drug cartel overlord Papa Muerte.

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Selecting the next area.
Total Overdose takes place in 18 different environments, from the red light district of Los Toros, to the Mexican desert. The game isn't just your straight forward shooter with the developers spending considerable time perfecting a free-style combat system which allows you to perform massive stunts such as flipping through the air while shooting or diving behind objects. The combo system even enables gamers to string multiple kills together for more rewards. It sounds like fun, looks like fun and is certain to be tremendous fun in the final game too.

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We want the show!
Of course in a game such as this you aren't limited to pistols with over twenty weapons available from shotguns to rifles and machine guns - hell we've even seen the machine guns in guitar cases which is called the Mariachi move, just as in the El Mariachi movie trilogy. The game also allows you to use dual weapons for added devistation. It will also be possible to jump into vehicles to run enemies over - this is going to be a fun one to show the OFLC we can be sure.

One of the unique features will be the ability to use a real-time rewind system to make perfect killer combos. We haven't seen this in action yet but expect it will work something like that in Ubisoft's Prince of Persia: Sands of Time where you can rewind time for a few moments to fix mistakes or take out the enemies with more style.

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This look familiar?
Graphically this game looks quite nice. As the Mexico isn't the most detailed of locations the texturing and buildings look a bit on the bland side, but they capture the look of the locations very well indeed. The animation on the characters looks top notch and with a soundtrack including Molotov, Delinquent Habits, Control Machete.

God our anticipation for Total Overdose has gone from near zero to extremely high in a couple of short months. The graphics and sound are simply wonderful and the gameplay looks hardcore kick ass. Could this be the Devil May Cry of Mexico - we think so. Expect a release in late September.