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Jan. 1, 2006
Torino 2006 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
20/1/20062K Sports2K Sports1-2$69.95

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Alpine Skiing...
I'm an armchair sports fan. I love all sport, but in particular any sports which sees nations battling it out for honors. As you can imagine when an Olympic event comes around I not only loose considerable sleep, but tend to be a lot less productive around the house and at work - hell during the last Olympics we set up a TV to watch it all day! 2006 is another year when we have a) an Olympic event and b) and video game tie-in. This time it's the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy and 2K Sports are publishing a title to cover many of the major events and to give you that extra thrill. We'll admit we haven't seen Torino 2006 in action yet, not in videos, nor hands-on, but there are some screens and information which we have provided for you below.

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Biathlon shooting.
When it comes to the sports included we had to scratch our heads about the details provided. Firstly the developers claim that they have re-created 8 Winter Olympic sports for Torino 2006 with 15 different events. Upon looking at the official web site for the Torino Olympics however that site states that there will be seven sports at the Olympics including Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Curling, Ice Hockey, Luge, Skating, Skiing. Why the difference? We're not really sure actually.

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Get ready to jump!
Strangely there has been no mention in 2K's literature that Ice Hockey will be one of the sports they have re-created - we doubt it will be included in Torino 2006, but it would be disappointing if it wasn't there considering the company also develops the brilliant NHL 2K6 which is due out here in a couple of months. It couldn't be too hard to port sections of that game to create a Olympic tournament. If Ice Hockey isn't included then that means this game includes 8 sports, but the Olympics has six (when you take out Ice Hockey).

While we aren't sure about the game mechanics of each sport yet (although button mashing, and precision timing are pretty much certain) we do know that the game will include support for up to 4-players. Expect plenty of fun from events such as Luge and Skiing in multi-player.

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Look, it's the luge!
As you can see from the surrounding screenshots this is a pretty impressive game and while there was no confirmation regarding which platform these are from 2K Sports have a very good track record when it comes to graphics in their sports range so we're very confident that the PS2, XBox and PC versions are all very similar in quality. With the official license we can expect accurate recreations of stadiums and locations as well as many Olympic styled touches throughout the game.

Torino 2006 looks good and seems to have all the important sports (except Ice Hockey) confirmed to be included. With a release on January 20th for only $AU69.95 this looks like a great appetizer to the Olympics which start in Torino in mid-February.