December 7, 2001
Twisted Metal: Black - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
7/12/2001SonyIncognito Studios1-4$99.95

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Now this looks pretty damn exciting.
When the PSOne was first released in the mid 1990's one of the first games to wow gamers was Twisted Metal not only were the graphics better then anything yet seen but the gameplay could engross you for hours on end. Three sequels and total franchise sales of over 5.1 million units followed and while the first sequel was developed by the original team, the third and fourth games were developed by another company and failed to capture excitement of the two original games. Twisted Metal: Black sees the series return to original developers, Incognito, and the results are looking good. This development team obviously loves the series and aren't likely to disappoint.

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You don't see that to often.
Twisted Metal: Black catapults players on a deranged journey through a world rife with horror and desolation. The infamous Calypso returns to host the ultimate contest of wreckage and devastation. Calypso has plucked a motley crew of contestants straight from the lunatic asylum, promising these otherwise doomed souls a chance to have one wish granted, should they emerge victorious in a deadly battle of twisted metal, a car game where the object is to destroy the opposition. As the carnage unfolds, so does the horrifying tale behind each of these tortured souls. You are set to discover why these manic motorists were locked up behind the walls of insanity. This game is fast, furious and packed full of action.

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Multi-player should be the most fun.
The features in Twisted Metal: Black are impressive. The environments have been enhanced with moving traffic, changing weather, living pedestrians and interactive objects. The developes have included an improved vehicle physics engine to deliver more dramatic jumps and landing while the power slides are more exaggerated. As for arenas the game includes twenty 2-player death-match battlegrounds (the heart and soul of Twisted Metal) while the single player game has nine different battlegrounds. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect at this stage is that the game will only include 14 different vehicles, although the 60fps graphics should be nice.

A lot of people have been waiting for Twisted Metal: Black and they won't be disappointed. PS2.ign have given the game a massive 9.6/10 and the PAL version looks just as impressive despite some minor edits to remove some potentially upsetting scenes following September 11. Twisted Metal Black should be available in stores on December 7, 2001 thanks to Sony bringing the release forward after an initial delay until 2002.