October 1, 2002
Terminator: Dawn of Fate - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
25/10/2002InfogramesParadigm Entertainment1$99.95

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Taking on four Terminators.
Quite often my friends and I will sit around a table having a few drinks or on the lounge watching a movie and will discuss favourite movies, and movies that should be made into video games. One suggestion that comes up quite often, manly due to the majority of us being Arnie fanatics, is The Terminator. While the movie has been made into some games in the past, including a moderately good Megadrive game almost a decade ago, there has really been very little to get excited about. Infogrames picked up the license to the 1984 movie a couple of years ago and development on this new Terminator game has been progressing for almost a year now. Rather then follow the plot of the movie the developers have opted for a new storyline with new weapons, and some all-new Terminators.

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Taking control of a fixed gun.
The Terminator is still regarded as one of the best science fiction movies of all time, and was the movie that really kick started Arnold Schwarzenegger's career. In the movie both a Terminator, played by Arnold, and a resistance fighter (Kyle Reese), played by Michael Biehn, are sent back in time to be the first to get to Sarah Connor. The Terminator is trying to kill her as the mother of the future resistance leader, John Connor while Kyle is trying to protect her, and actually becomes the father of John Connor along the way. The movie was a thrill ride that continued over the entire duration of movie. This game, however, is set during the war in the year 2029 where you will take control of various fighters, including Kyle, to try and stop the terminators and infiltrate Skynet.

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The explosions look realistic.
Little has been seen of the gameplay for The Terminator yet, but looks to be mostly a Third and First Person Shooter. As you can tell from the surrounding screenshots the detail is quite impressive with high amounts detail in the backgrounds and plenty of fellow resistance fighters to help you attack the terminators. Developers, Paradign Entertainment, who were the developers of Beetle Adventure Racing and the cancelled Pilotwings II for the Nintendo 64, as well as Spy Hunter and MX Rider on Playstation 2 have a fairly strong track record. For Terminator: Dawn of Fate they have designed and added in new hunter killers, terminators and weapons to add some variety in the game. It remains to be seen exactly what has been added but you can be sure it will remain faithful to the whole concept developed by James Cameron.

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A Terminator we can releate to.
There are however a couple of things that have me a little concerned about this game. The first is that the new terminators look a little "boxy", much like the droids in Star Wars Episode I. They don't appear to have that metallic endoskeleton look that Stan Winston and his crew made so famous in the movies. Also of concern is that the developers will merely make this a Shooter with few puzzle and/or adventure elements. Without a strong storyline this potential winner could quickly fade into the background when sitting next to games like Half-Life and Medal of Honor: Frontline. Finally, Paradigm really need to use Arnie's voice, or someone extremely close, for The Terminator. Sadly, it's unlikely that Arnold will have any input into the game, even with Terminator 3 just around the corner.

The Terminator has got such a high regard as one of the best science fiction movies of all time that the game will likely never live up to the movie. Still, Paradigm Entertainment have a fairly strong track record, and this game has a lot of promise. All going well we can expect a release towards the end of 2002.