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July 26, 2005
Tekken 5 - Review
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Two fan favourites.
The year was 1995 and I was still happy playing my Sega Mega Drive, when I received an invitation to a friend’s birthday party. He got a Playstation and Tekken, this was the first time I had even seen a Playstation and I had never even heard of Tekken. Once the game was up and running I was absolutely stunned, never had I seen graphics like it, never had I seen a fighting game move with such realism (the best fighter I had played at that stage was Mortal Kombat 2!) never had I been more impressed with a piece of technology. Ten years and four sequels later Tekken 5 has arrived, and in all honesty I am again stunned by how good it is. This is without doubt one of the greatest games I have ever played. Let's read on to find out why.

Tekken 5 kicks off with one of the best intro sequences I have ever seen. Heihachi and Kazuya are attacked by a group of Jacks. Kazuya pushes poor old Heihachi into harms way and saves himself. To find out the rest of the story you have to play through Story Battle to find out what happens to the 20 strong initial playing roster including all your favourites from previous Tekken games and three new characters. Raven who is a dead ringer for Blade, Jins cousin the school girl Asuka and rounding out the new trio is Feng, all three characters fit the game very nicely. All of whom are aiming to win the Iron Fist Tournament. Take my advice and try and complete the Story mode with all characters, as it not only unlocks most of the remaining ten characters, but you will also be treated to some flat out awesome endings, some of which are hilarious but all of them are of stunningly high quality.

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The lighting is spectacular.
To be perfectly honest I pretty much forgot about the story once I got stuck into the game, that is not a knock against the story, more a compliment to the gameplay. Tekken 5 plays like a dream; it is much faster than Tekken 4 and plays just how all Tekken fans would like. It is easy to pick up and get a few wins under your belt, but knocking over later round foes and the boss on the harder difficulty settings will take some serious practice. Not that this will be a problem as you will want to spend along time with Tekken 5. The controls are simple, two face buttons for punching and the other two for kicking, and holding down a combination of any two buttons can lead to some damaging grapples and throws. While it is a simple system to learn, it will still take you a while to get the really powerful combos happening.

Once you have a good grasp of the controls it is time to go through all of the comprehensive modes Tekken 5 has to offer; Story, Arcade, Time Attack, Vs Mode, Team Battle, Survival and Practice mode. All these modes play fantastically and kept me engrossed right throughout. In story mode you want to unlock everything and see all the endings will Survival and Time Attack kept me going trying to achieve high scores. Every mode provides hours of entertainment.

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Nice backgrounds.
Just in case you do somehow manage to get a bit bored of things you can play the bonus game Devil Within, which stars Jin. It is a single player beat em up; in which you fight your way through plenty of corridors which are crammed full of enemies. While the controls are quite limited and there is not much variety in the enemies it still serves as a pretty nice distraction to the main game. Plus each character in the game has a few unlockable outfits and items for you to purchase with the money you earn from arcade mode. Oh yeah just for the sake of it Namco included arcade perfect ports of the original Playstation trilogy, so yeah Tekken 5 represents great value for money.

Were all good beat em ups shine is in two player mode and Tekken 5 is no exception. Playing this game against a friend is great fun especially if you are at the same skill level. Many an hour has been lost by many a gamer on the Tekken series and Tekken 5 continues this tradition with ease. My big gripe is that game does not have an online mode; this mode alone would surely have proved to be one of the most successful online games around. Here’s hoping that it is included on Tekken Next on the Playstation 3.

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Cat fight, cat fight.
There are a few gripes I have with Tekken 5, but nothing too dramatic to stop you from purchasing the game. The first is the side step moves, pretty much every time I tried this move I got hit as the computer seems to be able to lock onto you too easily. This can get really annoying against tougher foes and bosses. The only other problem I have is when you get pinned against a wall, as it is extremely tough to get away from. Oh yeah I couldn’t go without mentioning a reoccurring nightmare which goes by the name of Nina Williams, if I had a dollar for every time she has beaten me over the last ten years I would be a very rich man indeed. She seems even harder to beat in Tekken 5; maybe she has something to prove after the disaster of her solo debut Death by Degrees.

Now to the highlight of the show, Tekken 5 has hands down the best graphics on the Playstation 2. In fact the graphics in this game are as good as any game on any current console period. The characters are huge and bursting with detail. The backgrounds are every bit as good as the combatants fighting on them, from snowy levels teaming with penguins, to junkyards with cars hanging up these surroundings are the best I have seen. Last but by no means least is the videos, the intro and all the endings are absolutely stunning and you owe it to yourself to see every one of them at least once. Tekken 5 shows that the Playstation 2 has plenty of life left in it yet.

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Some more gorgeous graphics.
The sound is not quite up to the standard of the visuals (which would be nigh on impossible), but like the rest of the game they are pretty damn good. The sounds that play throughout the matches are fast paced techno that gets you into the mood nicely. While all the characters voices are acted out very impressively.

Tekken 5 is without doubt the complete fighting package that all fighting fans will adore. It is so simple to pick up, yet so deep you will still be learning new moves in a year’s time. The best thing is you will probably still be playing this game in a years time, with all the modes and unlockable goodies on offer it really is a beast of a game. The best thing overall for me about this game is it has the classic “one more go” gameplay that can suck away hours at a time without you noticing it. It is easily one of the most addictive games I have ever played. Had I not just picked up God of War a few days ago, it would have been my favorite game of the year easily, as it is I have it in a tie with the splendid God of War. The great news about that is both of these games are Playstation exclusives and show just what the machine is capable of. Without doubt Tekken 5 is a great buy for anyone looking for a quality game. Brilliant.

Review By: Graham Darko

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GRAPHICSThe best graphics I have seen on the system to date. Huge characters with incredible detail and superb venues makes this a visual wonder.
SOUNDHigh quality voice acting and fairly decent music throughout.
GAMEPLAYEasily the best Tekken yet. Gameplay that just gets better and better. One of the most addictive games on Playstation 2.
VALUE30 characters, plenty of game modes, devil within mini game, and three original Tekken games and a heap of bonus items to unlock.
OVERALLTekken 5 is one of the greatest games I have ever played on any system. It just reeks of class from beginning to end. Easily one of the games of the year and an essential purchase.

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