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May 12, 2004
Time Crisis: Crisis Zone - Preview
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Enemies behind cover.
Yet another title from Namco's arcade games makes its way to Playstation 2. This time it's another light gun game, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone. Previous games to be released include the impressive Time Crisis 2 (released in October 2001) and the even more impressive Time Crisis 3 which hit the shelves in October last year. Going by that pattern Australian gamers won't see Time Crisis: Crisis Zone until October 2005, but it may be before that despite no announcement on a date yet.

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Graphics still need some work.
The action takes place in Garland Square, on the outskirts of London. The newly opened complex has been taken over by a terrorist group, and itís up to you to liberate it. Enjoy an unprecedented level of interaction with the background: shoot CDs and books off of store shelves, burn racks of clothing, break glass, or slice through metal bars. Blaze through levels using double-gun shooting action with two GunCon2s to take down enemies. Several gameplay modes and score rankings add to the gameís replayability.

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Plenty of enemies there.
The biggest change to this title from past titles is the level of interaction with the environment. Almost everything can be shot at an destroyed including items on shelves and tables, glass windows and doors, metal bars and even racks of clothing. The game allows players to connect two G-Con2's to the PS2 for double gun action, or for a second persong to join in. The weapons will be varied and once again, in typical Namco fashion the game will include extra play modes, special game settings, and even new enemies, giving the game high replay value.

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Using the hand controller -ugh!
Sadly, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone doesn't look that great graphically yet. The textures could do with some more work and the modelling is rather basic although one saving grace is the interactivity with the environments as previously mentioned. Having said that no games in Namco's Time Crisis series have ever really pushed the PS2 to its limits and it won't change here. Still it's not the graphics that count, it's the gameplay and we can expect plenty more light gun action to keep us happy.

Fortunately for PAL gamers they will be getting the game at the same time as America, in September 2004.