May 19, 2001
Time Crisis 2 - Preview
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This game is truly arcade perfect.
While the arcade business has been dwindiling in the last couple of years the light gun game seems to have remained fairly popular. Games such as House of the Dead 1 & 2, Jurassc Park: The Lost World and even Point Blank have kept players happy. But it is really Namco's Time Crisis series that has captures the imagination, and wallets, of gamers. Although the series is up to the third game (Crisis Zone) in the arcades Sony and Namco have opted to develop Time Crisis 2 for the Playstation 2, and it's looking stunning. The best news however, is that if you can't afford Namco's new PS2 USB light gun, you can still use youe G-Con 45's with the game.

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The legendary boat chase sequence.
The arcade game is actually a 2-player cabinet with each player shooting at a seperate screen. During the game the two characters actually take seperate paths providing a slightly different gameplay experience depending if you a Player 1 or Player 2. As you would expect Namco will be including several additions for the home conversion. Hopefully this will include new levels/practicing areas.

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The PS2 allowed better lighting.
The most interesting aspect of this game is the possibility for Sony and Namco to include a multi-player mode. There are three possible ways for Sony to implement this. They can modify the arcade game slightly to have both players shooting at the one screen. Secondly the could include a split screen mode with each player controlling one half of the screen. It remains to be seen if the developers will include vertical and/or horizontal split screens. The final, and best option would be for i.Link support so each player can his, or her, own TV. This would allows for the ultimate arcade experience in the home. Indeed Namco and Sony have confirmed that the game will include i.Link support so that each player can have his/her own screen to shoot at.

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Incoming bullets and rockets.
While many people have been hoping to see Crisis Zone (Time Crisis 3) on the Playstation 2 we can only hope that the development team have been using Time Crisis 2 as practice to build the perfect Crisis Zone with online gameplay. But don't think that this game will be slack in any way as Time Crisis 2 looks arcade perfect, and then some. Hopefully Sony and Namco spend the time to include either a split screen 2-player mode, or more preferable i.Link support for complete replication of the arcade game. Sony are expecting a release in time for Christmas 2001.