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May 8, 2005
Super Monkey Ball DX - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
16/9/2005THQSega Amusement Vision1-4$79.95

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Look.. It's a monkey, in a ball!
All I can say is thank goodness that this game is moving from Gamecube to PS2 and even XBox. One of the most original, fun and exciting games in years is being given opportunity to gain the audience it deserves. Sure, it sold well on the Gamecube in respectable numbers, but when the PS2 and XBox has about 15 times the number of users it's a big market to ignore. Fortunately this isn't just another game in the series but rather a combination of Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 from the Gamecube, and more exclusives for this package.

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Selecting the mini-golf.
So what's this game all about then? Essentially you have the ability to tilt the game world. By doing this you move around the ball with the monkey inside to the goal, along the way collecting items such as banannas. Inside each of these balls is a monkey, either AiAi, Gong Gong, Baby or Mee Mee - some of the most charasmatic game characters ever. The key to this title is the choice. Do you try and race through the levels to reach the end in record time, or do you try and collect every power-up but risk falling off the edge of the game world.

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Racing 3 CPU controlled monkeys.
As a combination of both original games there are over 300 levels in total, 114 from the original game, 140 from the sequel plus 46 all-new exclusive titles. One change to the game is the removal of the three skill settings (Beginner, Advanced, and Expert) from the Gamecube titles with the developers opting to ramp up the difficulty as you progress through the game.

Another feature which made the Gamecube titles so exciting were the party games, and Super Monkey Ball includes 12 such games for up to four players. Gamers who have played the original titles will also realise that some of the rules have changed slightly. These mini-games include such craziness as Monkey Golf or Monkey Bowling. Hilarious stuff.

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One of the 300 levels.
Super Monkey Ball DX isn't your typical racing, action or mainstream title - which is why it's so appealing. Much like Sega's Samba De Amigo or Jet Set Radio this is a quality game that deserves so much more then it will ever receive. This is a great party game. Even the most casual gamer will be able to pick up and play this title, however it takes quite a while to master the game. With 300 levels to conquer this isn't a game you'll get through in a day, and probably not even a week. Expect a release in late May 2005 at a slightly lower price of $AU79.95.