August 14, 2002
Summoner 2 - Preview
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Decent enough visuals.
One of the surprise launch titles on the Playstation 2 was a little RPG called Summoner which, especially given the short time to develop the RPG, was a magnificent game. 18 months on and work is almost complete on the sequel that promises more action, a deeper story, and best of all improved graphics. Even before the developers, Volition, were bought out by THQ the company has been hard at work on this sequel, as well as Red Faction 2. While their First Person Shooter was a great game the original Summoner was lacking in some areas. Hopefully these can be remedied prior to leaving.

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Let's hope the game moves well then.
As with the original Volition seem to have created and interesting, if somewhat unoriginal storyline. Joseph, the hero of Summoner, united the eight rings of summoning and became the god Urath. Summoner 2 begins twenty years after Urath's rebirth. You are the Queen of Halassar. Thousands have fought and died for you. Millions adore you as the "goddess Laharah reborn." Your fate is written in the Book of the Prophets. You are the savior of all creation. But your enemies are strong. The King of Galdyr wants you dead. Sinister factions plot your downfall. The armies of Urath march on your borders. Below Munari City, the mysterious Unseen weave a dark conspiracy. And now one of your own has betrayed you. A thief robs your inner sanctum. Intrigue lures you to the Midnight Sea. In a howling tempest, your destiny begins to unfold.

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The visual effects look stunning.
Summoner 2 allows you to battle the enemies in real-time with an all-new, party-driven combat system while Summoner 2 promises over 30 exotic and imaginative 3D locales, from the tropical isle of Teomura to the bizarre and dreamlike City of Masks. Summoner 2 allows you to control up to three characters at a time, and build your party from a roster of eight unique characters with specialized attacks and spells. Each of the characters is customisable using a flexible skill-point system. They can learn to craft deadly poisons, cast a meteor storm, or devour your enemy's soul.

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The models could be improved.
Volition have promised that this sequel has an all new graphics engine with no slowdown or draw in which was the major downer in the original. If this turns out to be true then this should be a major boost to what looks like one of the best RPG's, excluding Final Fantasy X, in quite a while. Once again the magic spells look like the highlight and while the modelling of the characters looks a little awkward hopefully the animation will more then make up and there is plenty of time to spruce up the details.

The developers have said that you need not have played the original game in order to play this game which is a great thing considering the number of new PS2 owners each week. With an improved graphics engine and a storyline as engaging as the original Summoner 2 is almost certain to be a winner. THQ and Volition are almost certain to have a hit on their hands in October 2002.